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"Gia.Dad(2)and I need you to do us a favor."Mom(3) said coming into the living room(4 just pretend the pic is the TV)with her coffee. "What favor?"I asked pausing Netflix. "I need you to go to the airport and pick up some guests for the Holiday party." "When because Im suppose to hangout with Lonnie and Antonio before he leaves." "Well the plane lands in an hour so get dressed.Invite them to the party." "Fine." I got up heading to my room(5) and quickly changed my clothes(6).Looks good enough.I quickly texted Lonnir and Antonio telling them to just meet here for the party and they agreed.Which is nice since Antonio leaves tomorrow morning.Ugh Im going to miss him.Anyways I got into my car(7) and headed to the airport.
I'm at the airport and honestly I have no idea who I'm looking for.Thanks Mom.I walked around towards the terminals and still no idea.I noticed these girls all lined up maybe a celebrity is coming like Bieber or someone. Maybe I should look the opposite way. Yeah. "Gia?" I turned around looking for the voice and I see Jay(2).Yay!! I haven't seen him in years.i ran over giving him a hug.Saying hi. "Oh here.Meet Simon(3)and Gray(4).This is Gia." "Hi there."I said. "Hi."They both said. Damn they are fine as hell.Lonnie is going to be happy to see them at the party. "Are you all staying at your parents house?" "Yeah.Now lead the way Chauffeur." "Boy.I am not your chauffeur.Im just taking you to your parents house." "Still the same Gia." "All day every day.Now let's go to the car."
"Lonnie(1).Girl you will not believe who Jay brought with him from Korea."I said looking at my outfit(2). "Are they hot?" "Girl.So hot." "Wait.What about your boo Jay.Don't you have like this huge crush on him?" "Im just sayin." "Let's go party.You look fine."
It's party time! Lonnie is actually trying to flirt while Antonio(2)and I are chillen in the kitchen.Eating some cake(3)We are starving for sweets. "How long have I known you and still didn't know you were crushin on Jay.Lonnie told me." "Since birth.Damn can't believe she did." "Were you going to tell me?"He asked laughing. "I thought you would know already." "I should've.Imma help you out.Well try too." "Ok what should I do?" "You look good so go over and take him a drink.he drinks doesn't he?" "Yeah." "Here." Antonio handed me a drink and I walked over to Jay. "Hey.Thought you might want a drink."i said hanging it to him. "Thanks G.When is Romeo coming to town?" Romeo's(4)my oldest brother.Jay and him hung out all the time. "Not sure.Maybe a few days before Christmas." "That's what's up." Ugh this is going down hill.Retreat.I quickly went back to Antonio and he gave me a look. "Why are you back so soon?" "I think it went down hill.He was just asking about Romeo." "Let's just go see what everyone else is up to." "Ok."
"Oh I love this song.Jay dance with me."i said pulling him to where everyone was dancing. "Ok." Once it got to the dance break(starts @ 4:00 if you'd like to listen).Jay and I were doing the steps and on the last part when we dance close our lips touched.Did he?? Um he kissed me.Maybe he is drunk and it means nothing. "You're so beautiful Gia." "Umm-"