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Hello Beau-ties!
I want to show you these Fashion Trends that are so pretty and Fashionable, please be patient it will be a long card but it will be worth it i promise!
For This Year 2016 The two colors that are trending are called Pantone Colors they range from pastel colors from light pink into the lilac schemes and lastly the light Blue colors. Now i will be explaining the meaning of the word "Pantone"
A system for matching colors, used in specifying printing inks.
"Pantone colors"
OMG these colors are so Beautiful specially Rose Quartz is one of my favorite colors you can actually match it with anything starting from whites, beige, Black, Any Brown, and Golds! Lets Get started! with some "Rose Quartz" outfits i would wear daily, and i'm sure you can wear them too!

Rose Quartz

Yay for pinks i mean who doesn't love a bit of pink in their wardrobe.. I do!
First Look if you work in a Office Then the first four Pictures are for you. Dresses are a must in a closet, who doesn't like dresses apart from being feminine and giving you curves! I'll give you some quick tips to those who aren't blessed and to those who are blessed with CURVES!
Without Curves-
1. Wear A-Line Skirts
2. Yes to Tight Skirts and dresses! from the waist Down
3. if you want to wear a skater skirt wear it on your waist for more Curve definition!
With Curves / Plus Size -
1. Round and Half Round Skirts will be your best friend!
2. A-lines dresses will make you look skinnier (shh its my secret!)
3. Want to look fierce tight dresses or skirts will make your curves pop out! (TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS!)
I am a Plus Size girl i have been blessed with too much curves and bottoms, so for me its really hard to find skirts that fit me. It's a pain that i have to custom make them myself with some alterations.
Positive encouragement: " WORK IT GIRL! at the end of the day You'll look FLAWLESS!"
If i had to pick out of the five pictures the winners would be 3 & 5! I love to be comfy but at the same time chic.
#3 I would wear that Turtle neck Blouse with some beige pants with that Long coat and Converse for the Fall! (If you're tall yes for long coats, if you're Short then i recommend waist Coats~)
#5 I would totally wear that with some ripped jeans and some champagne or nude Stilettos < (Street Style "Chic")

Now For "Serenity"

I 'm starting to like this Color! its like a cotton candy blue its so pretty that i want to eat it! Back to Fashion 101 ~ Since its summer i recommend light weight clothing since its really hot here in California, ugh very horrible! No coats or else you'll die, a Jean Skirt or some shorts, With a boyfriend shirt and some sandals would look great! if your a blue color kind of person you'll love this trend.
Hey! who doesn't like cats right? we all have to look cute!
If i had to do a combine different things from each picture i would choose.
1, Overalls
2. Cat t-shirt
3. Pumps
4. Backpack
5. Watch
Which outfit would you love to wear? Comment down below!

Rose Quartz & Serenity

Now if we put these two colors together it will make a perfect outfit just think of all the outfits you'll make! omg i'm so excited!!!! Take a look for yourself, you will fall in love with each outfit.
Personally i love 2 , 3 & 9!


YES! its time to see these two beautiful colors dressed on some actual HUMANS FINALLY! they're all so beautiful.
Picture # 3
To be Honest i love every single outfit of that picture i feel like it fits me well! Don't know yet but i might try this tomorrow! for church~
if someone would ask me to pick my top 2 it would be 2 & 4! yes because i have been blessed with being tall i'm 5'9!

Seoul Fashion Week 2016

take a look behind the scenes of how a real Korean Fashion Show is!


They say Shoes are girls best friend in my case it is i have about 30 pairs of shoes and that's only counting heels lol! (feels ashamed)~
Here are some current styles that are trending as for both colors Rose Quartz and Serenity. I feel like those two colors would match well with gold or champagne, what do you guys think?
The second Best friend is Mr. Bag yes!
He's the most expensive and worth it , here i would give you some links to where you can find these beautiful bags! Let the Shopping begin!
Kate Spade (orchard street dillon) Bag
If you want cheap bags, here is a link for you, its good to help a sista out!
Forever21 (Faux Leather Tassel Backpack)
If you want economic Purses Ebay, Amazon & Aliexpress will be your best friend!
Here's A little insight of the current trends this year!

Nail Trends

In Korea Shattered Glass nails have been a big trend all this year if you need a new manicure or pedicure here are some pictures for you to look before you book your next appointment in your nail salon. Honestly, i have tried the shattered Glass nails I've done them myself around January it was a Marsala color. They looked so beautiful! Also i have tried those in a color nude i totally recommend that style it looks Clean, Chic and professional, i had all the girls from my work asking me where i went to do my nails.
The colors i Recommend are the following:
1. Baby Pink
2. White/ Beige
3. Lilac
(You can also add a pop of color with some Silver & Gold's)
Down Below ill Give you guys a Tutorial on how to do these nails they're so easy to do!
Heres A Quick Tutorial on How to do Shattered Glass Nails!
To find the Special Paper they use for these nails you can find it here!
they're so cheap right!
NOTE: do not cut the paper or else it will look bulky. When you're done painting your nails and its completely dry you just have to press the paper onto the nail, you can also scratch it and the decal will be on your nail !
Happy Nail ART!
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Stay tuned for more!
Which look did you like the most? Let us know!
So Long Beau-ties!
This has been KFashion101
with le Muah~ Nana
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