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If you haven't heard yet, the teen choice awards will be on July 31st, and 3 kpop groups were nominated!! *whoop whoop* so let's vote to show our support!

Choice Fandom:

SUPER JUNIOR- ELF! OMG guys we have to do this!

International Artist:

Exo, Girls Generation, and Super Junior! I'm telling you we HAVE to support our idols!

How To Vote:

vote.teenchoice.com by clicking the link you must log in with Facebook and you can only vote 1 time per day. (for 3rd picture, this was uploaded a few days ago so that is why it says "starting today" as in the day that I was uploaded. So there is definitely still time to vote for your faves!)
I hope that many of us vote if you still haven't! And let's support our idols! ♥♥♥
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