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Chapter 2
“Let’s head on out.” I called out to my men as we leave to pick up Sato’s bride. Thankfully there’s no troubles on the way. I just hope it’s just as calm on our way back.
We reach Ashikagashi Yakata Castle; this was the location of the bride as Sato had told me. We were welcomed and allowed to feed and water our horses. My men and I are taken into the castle to meet Sato’s bride. We reach the inner hall, the doors open and we enter, I see two women at the end of the room one older and one must be Sato’s bride. I couldn’t see her face because she had it covered, the only part of her face exposed was her eyes, and from the picture I would recognize her eyes anywhere.
I halt my men in the middle of the room, and continue to walk towards the women. When I reach the desired distance I give my introduction and bow to them.
“I am Terada Takuya, my men and I will be escorting Miss. Y/N to Master Sato’s castle in Moriya.” I explain to the women; I feel like someone is burning their eyes into me, I lift my head up just enough to see that the younger woman was glaring at me.
The older woman walks towards me and grabs my hands. “Thank you for escorting my niece. Please take good care of her.” The woman said. I nod my head in response.
“Of course ma’am, I will protect her with my life.” I comfort her as I look at the younger woman again. The younger woman removes her eyes from mine, and a small smile creeps upon my face.
“Do you need to eat before you head out?” The older woman asks.
“No ma’am we have provisions.” I advise her. “We do need to get going if we are to make it there by tomorrow morning.” I advise the older woman, I can see the fear of realization that crosses her face as she is now to give away her niece and she didn’t want to let her go. I hugged her hands to reassure her that everything will be fine. The old woman understands me and gives me a small smile before turning away to walk back to her niece.
“Come here Y/N.” The older woman said.
“Y/N, that’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.” I say to myself. I quickly shake my head to get that thought out of my head. “She’s not mine; I can’t think of her in any way other than Sato’s bride.
“Now you need to be respectful, and listen to these men as they are going to protect you on your journey okay.” My Aunt said as I nod my head in response.
“Yes Aunt, and you take care of yourself, please tell me as soon as you’ve made it to your friend’s house.” I reply. My Aunt nods her head and embraces me for what could be the last time. My eyes begin to tear; I close them trying to fight back the tears but it doesn’t work.
“I love you.” I whisper in her ear as my tears begin to fall. She nods her head, and pulls away from our embrace.
“I love you too dear.” She says as she wipes my tears away. “Be strong.” My Aunt says with a teary smile. I nod. My Aunt moves aside to let me pass her, and I walk towards Takuya. When I stand in front of him I look into his eyes, I didn’t want to admit this to myself but he had the most beautiful eyes that I could lose myself in them.
“Trust in me” That’s what his eyes seemed to say to me. I had this feeling of warmth cover me, I’m not sure if it was because he was standing right in front of me or what but I felt calm. Takuya smiles at me and moves to the side, I walk past him and towards the exit of the castle. As soon as I pass him, he immediately follows me out, he was like my shadow.
“Sir the horses and men are ready when you are.” A young man comes running towards Takuya and I.
“Okay, let’s get going.” Takuya yelled to his men I look at him and he looks at me with his hands on his hips.
“Can you ride by yourself?” Takuya asks me.
“Yes I can ride.” I quickly respond to his question; he chuckles at my quick reply.
“Okay then, here’s your horse.” Takuya said as he hands me the reins attached to a solid black horse. Takuya places his hands out to have me use as boost and I place my foot in his hand, he pushes up to help me get onto the horse.
“Thank you.” I said to him, he just nods his head and then walks over to his horse and gets on it.
“Move out!” Takuya yells to his men and we start our journey.
I don’t look back; I keep my head straight and high. After hours of riding on our horses we come to a river.
“We’ve reached Tone River as the sun was beginning to set; we will rest here tonight since we are over the half way mark.” Takuya explains. His men comply and set up camp.
I’m sitting around the fire and watching the men around me, they seem to be young men and from their outfits I figured they’re samurai’s. They were all talking amongst themselves and every now and then they would look in my direction and smile. It made me uncomfortable to be the only female in a large group of men who I don’t know. I started to look around for Takuya, when I couldn’t see him anywhere near the fire I get up and go for a walk.
I walk to the river bank still no sign of Takuya, I sit next to the edge and remove my face cover, that’s when I hear a voice, his voice.
“Be careful.” Takuya said. I quickly turn my head to the direction of his voice, Takuya was sitting up against a pine tree, he gets up and walks over to me.
“You’re sitting too close to the edge why don’t you move back a bit.” He said as he grabs my arm to pull me up, somehow we lose our footing and we both fall into the river, thankfully it wasn’t deep and the river was calm.
Takuya grabs me and holds me close, I can hear his heart beat in his chest. I move to look up at him, water dripping from his hair and face, his hair wet covering his eyes, but I was still able to see them. He looked so beautiful in the moonlight, like a guardian angel, his arms felt like wings embracing and protecting me.
“Are you alright?” Takuya asks. I nod my head yes. Takuya continues to look into my eyes, and a moment later he leans down and kisses me passionately. I feel my body heat up, my heart race, and I close my eyes and just let myself melt into his kiss. Before I knew it, it was over and he had pulled away.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” Takuya said. I was surprised by his movements and my mind couldn’t process quickly the only thing I could utter out was.
“That was my first kiss.” I reply. At that moment for some reason the sky seemed to be spinning.
“Hey are you alright? Y/N! Y/N!” I hear Takuya’s voice, but as I look up at him I see the sky and shooting stars seem to be raining down on us, that’s when everything went black.