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Hellllo. I'm here again with yet another instalment of my silly story. As you can see slowly they are getting longer. I'm trying really hard to make them chunky and worth reading. yes this is based off a screenshot game...I keep saying that so no one forgets. thank you @Choijiah for the game. alright so here it is. Previous? Two Next part? Four
Getting inside the room felt like an accomplishment. It seemed that this weekend would be more hectic as time went by and Tae was curious as to how she would go through each course. She changed to comfy shorts and a big T-shirt before cranking up the ac and laying on her new bed for ten minutes. As she laid there she had time to go over what she would say and how she wanted to go about this. Maybe if she could simply grab Hyunseung by the arm and drag him to a quiet place then she just might be able to explain. Sadly...he was a grown man and she could just picture herself attempting to pull an unmoving tower. Would she need rope? Tae slapped her hand over her face realizing that fantasy and reality Were two different things. Maybe she would need to find Gikwang or Dongwoon before she confronted Hyunseung and laid her faults bare. Yes. She had no choice but to get things cleared up. She would need their help if he didn't listen. After a while Tae decided to looking for what she hoped would be accomplices. She stepped out of the room and glanced about. Where could they be? Wait. There was plenty of places to go here. A swimming pool, a basketball court and even a place to get a massage. Wait now was not the time. She needed to round up her troops for battle. Tae Chan decided to check the basketball court. She sped her way down the path with a map she found in the room. For a moment she was busy looking at her map when she realized that Minhyun was locked out of the room. Tae looked ln the map for a fast way to get to the lunch room. Once she found her route Tae started over. Cant treat people the way they treat you. it's just fighting fire with fire. The place was quieter now since most people were exploring or relaxing. Tae scanned around until she spotted Minhyun flirting with someone. Rolling her eyes Tae cut in and faced Minhyun. "Your key," she held up the metal trinket for the other female to take. Minhyun's smile faded as she suddenly was distracted by Tae. She snatched the key and smiled. "Aahhh Tae Tae your just in time. Hyunseung," she gestured to the male with a smile. Again with bad timing it seemed. She spun around and bowed to him not making eye contact for fear that he would look at her wrong. "Tae Chan. I I didn't know you we're in Korea," The males quiet voice was full of shock which made a small hole start to form in the pit of Tae's chest. "I got my invitation and needed a vacation so I took it," she weakly smiled not sure of what to say. It had been so long and she didn't know how he felt or what he was thinking these days. Her eyes finally met his and he seemed emotionless. "I...if possible I would like to catch up.....if you are willing to," she breathed. Hyunseung's face was now morphed into a soft smile. He knoded at her invitation and opened his mouth to speak. "Tha..." "Alright that's wonderful. Now I have to find a few people but save a dance for me tonight," Tae Chan blurted just as she turned and headed for the door as fast as she could. How embarrassing. She just talked to him as though she was still in high school demanding his attention. Well it wasn't like he didn't do the same. Always wanting to hang out. Always following along when she had her dance practices. That was Hyunseung every day but she loved it and she wouldn't have it any other way back then. After she left the lunchroom Tae was back at it. Following her map and searching for two males. Sadly she had no idea what she was going to do with them once she found them. Woonie was probably going to be a bit sour over it. Well she didn't blame him. After what she put him through but Gikwang was different. Sure she expected him to tease her a bit and possibly listen. Didn't Minhyun say he was married? Oh that would give Tae the room she needed to convince him. Gikwang would be her best bet but like Hyunseung Dongwoon had to be apologized to. Ugh why was it so hard to be a teen? Now that was an adult Tae could see how stupid she used to be. Every time she ruined a good thing or did stupid things to Help others. Yes teens thought a break up would be the end of the world but now that she could see it better Tae was pickier when it came to dating. no more letting a small thing make her fall hard. Tae was more ready to disect and see what a guy was all about. At the basketball court Gikwang was right where she expected. He was running around dribbling a ball while being mg blocked by Dujun. Tae Chan smiled remembering how she would watch them in P.E. they really were young. Tae found a bench that was free and sat down to wait. All the while she was admiring how the two still knew what they were doing after all these years. "Tae Chan?" A males voice interrupted her daize. Tae looked up to gaze at a warm smile. "Junhyung, hello," she smiled kindly and scooter over for the man to sit. "I was meaning to find you sooner but.. " "Your looking for Gikwang and Dongwoon already?" He smiled as he hat down. "Yup. I really have to fix this," she smiled and leaned back against the bench. "Well you know if you are too Obassessed with Hyunseung you might overlook others who need more attention," Jun smirked and knudged Tae. "Its been so long. I would rather not bring up old feelings. I live thusands of miles away and man who probably Doesn't even know how to order a Burger in English might have a hard time visiting me." She halfgiggled. " let's not talk about old love. Lets talk about why you haven't found a girl?" Tae turned and poked Jun in the rib. She smirked as he gasped. This man was practically her only line to Korea if not YouTube or social networks. All these years it seemed he took up the empty space she had opened long ago.
alrighty that's the end of that chapter. please comment. one thing I'm debating on is since I show no pictures of people besides Beast I wanted to make a card for everyone else whose name is added to the story including Tae Chan. hahaha I'm weird like that. if you guys think it's a good idea then please let me know OK. Q3 Squad!!! @Choijiah @Tayunnie @nikkynoel @Beauty1Monbebe2 Tiny tag list @MaritessSison SO BEAST MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @MelissaGarza @AimeeH @StephanieDuong @KenyaMendoza @axosrain @Helixx
keep it up its geting good to where I want know what happened lol.
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