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Who are you that judges another man's servant? The law of love requires us continually to give up our rights and liberties for the sake of other people. We are not to hold others to our way of thinking. We are never to despise any one’s conscientious scruples, but are always to honor them. “Who are you that judges the servant of another? To his lord he stands or falls.” There are some people who thoughtlessly make it very hard for those who are troubled in conscious about doing certain things or indulging in certain pleasures. Every one must follow his own conscience, and it is very wrong for us to worry any one concerning his conscientious opinions. Our chief thought should be not to put a stumbling–block in any one’s way. So we must be ready to give up anything, however right it may seem to us, that might lead another, a weaker person, to stumble into sin. The Christian who is not ready to give up any habit of his for the sake of others, has not yet learned the meaning of the great law of love, “Love seeks not its own.”