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This was kinda difficult....I mean this group has 13 beautiful humans.....and I have a main bias but 12 other bias wreckers that like to ruin my life lol

Main Bias: S.coups

this man here....ughhh before I fully submerged my self into the endless Seventeen blackhole aka the diamond life this man always stood out from the rest....idk if it was my odd obsession with big ears or my attraction to rappers/leaders...but man if it wasn't for this man I would have never gotten into this amazing group at all and look at him!! he's perfect (in person he's legit unreal the perfection is just too much) and let's be real I can write pages upon pages of why I love this kid but we don't need to be here all day hahaha

Main Bias Wreckers: The8 & Baby Leo

these two have made it a mission to kill me especially since kcon they both came at me like a stampede of beautiful raging Bulls and I was not prepared at all and thank God that they are of age ....I won't feel as bad hahaha