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I never knew I'd be falling for a Kpop group, but BTS has won me over! My sister turned me on to them after telling me constantly to see their episodes from when they were in LA. I just love how they still act like little kids and that they haven't let all the fame ruin their image!! :D I would have to say my favorite one is V. :D he's just really cute and he looks like a fun guy to be friends with. Who is your favorite BTS and why?
It doesn't matter who the basis is because its buy one and get 6 free
J-Hope, he has helped me through so many hospital visits and so many hardships just in this past year alone. all he said was I'm your hope, your angel, J-Hope! and that helped me so much. I was finally able to see them a few weeks ago in NYC, J-Hope said "I'm your hope. You are my hope, J-Hope!" That alone made me cry for hours, even a few days. It meant everything to me to hear those words. I tried to yell a thank you to them, but there was no way they heard me. Even so, that is why he is my favorite and he means the world to me. I love you Hobi♡
min yoongi: he is really funny, and even though outside he seems really crabby he is really sweet. He also tries to have a good time even when he's tired. His rapping skills are beyond outter space like for real his pre debut raps were killer, and his raps in the group are killer, the mans got talent. and HE'S HONEST, i love honesty.
Okay, so one of them looks like V but as for the one with black hair I can't tell. @KathyCrew
Yea, the guy in the puma is V but as for the fire video I couldn't see a dark red/pink cap so can you say which color hair did they have? @KathyCrew
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