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I never knew I'd be falling for a Kpop group, but BTS has won me over! My sister turned me on to them after telling me constantly to see their episodes from when they were in LA. I just love how they still act like little kids and that they haven't let all the fame ruin their image!! :D I would have to say my favorite one is V. :D he's just really cute and he looks like a fun guy to be friends with. Who is your favorite BTS and why?
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@Aripendragon it's actually of their dance practices (fire the guy with a dark red/pink cap) and then there is I think V (the guy in the puma jacket)?In Silver spoon dance practice video on YouTube
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I'll check it out and get back to you on that. @KathyCrew
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Yea, the guy in the puma is V but as for the fire video I couldn't see a dark red/pink cap so can you say which color hair did they have? @KathyCrew
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Ok there are two with red/pink caps one with blondish hair the other looked like it was black?
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Okay, so one of them looks like V but as for the one with black hair I can't tell. @KathyCrew
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