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Key Lime Pie Smoothie Ingredients: 1- 1 1/2 cup skim milk (you can also use whole, almond, coconut, soy) 1 raw Davidson's Safest Choice Egg (this can only be made with pasteurized eggs) 1small handful baby spinach (about 1/2 cup) 1/2 an avocado The juice of 2 limes 1 date (pit removed) 1 tsp ground flax seed Honey to sweeten Directions: In your blender add 1 cup of milk (add more later if needed), egg, spinach, avocado, lime juice and date. Blend until smooth. Sweeten to taste, I used about 1 tsp of honey others may prefer more or less. Add additional milk if the smoothie is too thick. Pour into serving glass and top with ground flax seed. For more information on pasteurization and Davidson's Safest Choice, please visit their website www.safestchoice.com
@divalycious that sounds like a really healthy smoothieeee specially caz it has mango :3 one of my favorite fruits !!! Mine is the old banana, blueberry, strawberry and some goji berriessssss and of cousee come fresh coconut water :D
@miranpark88 fav smoothie is either coconut or almond milk or greek yogurt, handful of baby spinach or kale, 1/2 cup cubed pineapple and mango, quick whizzz as i like to have few chunks of the fruit ... so delicious and a little ground hemp or flax seed ... just awesome
wow The somewhat strange ......In our country, cook spinach with rice only
The color itself makes me feel healthier already. I always like to make my own smoothies at home with my own blender without having to go to pressed juiceries.
Thanks for the recipe!! @divalycious green smoothies have always been my favorite whenever i want to feel healthy! hahahah What is your favorite smoothie?
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