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As you all know, BTS has been under fire for 'misogynistic lyrics.' And for a few days, people who consider themselves ARMY, have been requesting the removal of War Of Hormone. I don't know how to stop this, but I have an idea. Watch the video and try to get it to at least 40 million views. Like and comment on the video showing support and that you're against the removal of this beautiful video. I really don't want this video removed, for it's one of the first BTS videos I've seen. It has a special meaning to me, and the fact that it's being requested to be removed f*ing destroys me.
Now a little rant of this whole thing. c: (Note* this is an emotional rant towards those... people.) Let me tell you a little bit of myself. I've been with BTS for about 2 years. (3 in October) What got me into them, was because their music was different from the rest of the music that I've seen/ heard. (I'm very picky.) Just One Day and We Are Bulletproof were my first videos. Then came Boy In Luv and War Of Hormone. I was a butthurt little girl that would always get offended with anything and everything. So I can see why you (fake fans) are butthurt. Because you don't know anything about BTS. Research about them all you want, Look them up, download their photos, do whatever the fuck you want. Just don't. Don't fucking pretend to know who they are just because of articles regarding them. Just because of what is shown on their videos, or anything like that doesn't mean that that's who they really are. Do my words offend you? Does my statement make you uncomfortable? Well let me tell you something. BTS' music is not for everyone. Just like it's not for you. c:
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WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL???? Sorry for my language but are you serious???? Fans want to remove War of Hormone for its lyrics but they're just fine with other MVs existing on the internet where they talk about girls in a much, MUCH more inappropriate way??? What? Why? I just don't get it!
If ur ARMY, why the hell u requesting the removal of a MV from ur group?!
@11erinmims what's wrong with Infinite's Paridise?? @jojojordy2324 and @minimanim3 I totally agree with you, American stuff is much worse and they don't get in trouble for it. BTS has gotten so much shit this year from fake fans, that I'm starting to worry what will happen at Kcon, I'm worried for their safety and wellbeing, I don't want them thinking they are bad people, all these people saying negative things about BTS, they might not directly show it but it's getting to them, they have feelings as well I don't want them to feel bad about themselves, that's why I really wanted to go to Kcon this year to tell them all the amazing things about them, they need to know how amazing and talented they are. I just hope the don't take these comments too seriously, I want them to be happy and healthy
@SerenaArthurs if you go look at the translation of the lyrics, they're definitely interesting 😳 way more "uncomfortable" than war of hormones
@11erinmims I watched the Hangul/Romanization/English lyrics and it definitely sounds weird but it's confusing.