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Genre: Angst, Best friend!au Pairing: Jimin x Reader Length: 16,207 (I’m sorry) Summary: It was only meant to be a favour…but of course it had to turn into something more. Part: 1/1 A/N: I'M GOING BACK TO MY NORMAL SERIES AFTER THIS. For all you tublr users, you can check out my to-do list (add to it if you want!)- I'll start those fics when some of my ongoing series are done ^^ This is a oneshot, but vingle only has a certain word count which I've exceeded, so I'll split it into 2! Also, I know I should space this out to make it easy on the eye- I'll try and come back to that when I have time cus a normal everyday update takes me ages, this is gonna take the mick XD Thanks for understanding x “Please y/n!”, Jimin begged for the millionth time. “At least consider it!” I looked up from my phone once more, lips curled in distaste. “Jimin. Can’t you ask someone else?” He sighed, also for the millionth time.“You and Hyorin are the only girls I talk to! And obviously I can’t ask her.” He had been pestering me for two days now to do this favour. He wanted me to make Hyorin, a girl on our course, jealous. He liked her, and was pretty sure she liked him, and the two of them had started this…well it was almost a competition to see who would break first. At some get together we went to last week, Hyorin had her tongue down some guys throat, and she kept glancing over to see if Jimin was looking- which he was, of course. And now Jimin was asking me if I could help him out. He saw me hesitate and took the chance to blurt out more rubbish in an attempt to change my mind. “You’d only have to do it for a week y/n. And we pretty much act like a couple anyway.” I hated to admit it, but there was no disputing it. We were in our last year of University, sharing an apartment together. We did the grocery shopping together, splitting the bill. We would go out together. Eat in together. Study together. Where there was Jimin there was y/n, and where there was y/n, there was Jimin. Joint at the hip. So I understood where he was coming from. I raised an eyebrow, sitting up from my slack position of the sofa. “A week?” He beamed at me. “No more, no less. That’s the bet we have.” He was crazy. He could have any girl, why me? I shook my head at his stupid antics and grumbled, “You best get the girl.” He only laughed in response. “Thank you y/n! Love you!” Little did I know, I would really grow accustomed to the word ‘love’ in the fortnight that followed. I heard him get up and clamber about in the kitchen, reheating some of yesterday’s lasagne, and looking in the fridge for something to drink. “How are we out of milk already?”, he called, holding up an almost empty bottle. “Well we wouldn’t have if you didn’t consume 1000 coffees a day”, I shot back whilst simultaneously texting. I had lent our friend, Yoongi, a book and after realising that some of my revision notes where still tucked inside, I needed it back pronto. He came back down with a plate full of food and a soft drink, opting to sit on the sofa I was lying on. I didn’t leave much space, so I lifted my legs for him to get comfortable, before resting them on his lap. “Who’re you texting?”, he asked before tucking in. I knew it’d still be too hot to eat, so when he groaned in pain, I just rolled my eyes. “Yoongi. Gave him some of my notes by accident.” “He won’t reply yet. It’s not one o clock yet…he’ll still be asleep.” I snorted, because this was more than likely true. “So…”, Jimin started to speak, and balanced my phone on my stomach to pay attention. The number of times Jimin had said shit while I was on my phone ,and I had just mindlessly agreed to it, was astounding. “…There’s a party tomorrow. And she’s gonna be there. Will you come?” I gave him my signature ‘are-you-kidding-me’ look, before asking, “Another damn party? And I don’t particularly want to…as my fake boyfriend you should be more understanding.” I laughed at the incredulous look on his face. “As my fake girlfriend, you should be more supportive. Remember after the break-up, I came with you to-” “OK, OK”, I held my hands up in defeat. “I’ll come to the stupid party.” Jimin was very good at getting what he wanted. He was about to refer to my break-up with my boyfriend of two years, Hoseok, and how he’d been there for me through a tough time. Emotional blackmail was Jimin’s forte, and I always fell for it. My stomach grumbled in response to the smell of melted cheese in the air, so he reached over to give me a forkful. I hummed in appreciation at the taste. It was a new recipe we had tried out, and it was bomb ass. “Jimin, has it ever occurred to you to just ask her out?”, I asked after swallowing the mouthful. He grinned. “Where’s the fun in that?” I narrowed my eyes. He wasn’t normal. But then again, according to him, Hyorin had started this whole charade- so it should have been her asking him out- she wasn’t exactly shy, so I didn’t understand what her game was. “How long you liked her?” I rested my arms at the back of my head and eyed him curiously. He had only admitted to liking her this week, and I had been to busy to ask him about it. But now, seeing as I was doing him this favour, I decided to probe him for more information. He shrugged, his cheeks going a just visible shade of red. “A while I guess.” A while? Hmm, Jimin sure had done a good job of hiding it. She hung around with our group very often, and he had never let on, not even subtly, that he had feelings for her. “Aw”, I cooed. “Jimminie’s had a crush for a while? How cute.” He lightly smacked my calf in response to my teasing. “Real mature y/n.” “Says the boy who’s got a fake girlfriend to make someone jealous”, I laughed. “Who’s party is this by the way?” We always did this. We had a conversation about something, we’d go off topic, then we’d find ourselves talking about the first topic again. “Taehyung’s. He’s celebrating his 23rd.” Ah that was alright. I liked Taehyung, he was pretty funny. A bit out there, but that’s what made him so likeable. But then it hit me. “Ah fuck’s sake”, I groaned. “If it’s Tae’s party, all his friends will be there…that includes Hoseok!” We didn’t exactly end on the best terms, so avoided him when I could. “Just stay with me y/n, it’ll be fine. As well as Hyorin hopefully getting jealous, he’ll think we’re dating, and he’ll back off.” I pondered over this, before realising it wouldn’t work. Hoseok knew how close Jimin and I were. I decided not to dwell on that subject- and changed the topic to something even more depressing. “Have you ever thought about what’d happen to me once you two start dating? Hyorin’s hardly gonna be happy about you living with a girl.” He thought about it whilst eating in silence. “Who does she live with right now?”, he asked. I shrugged. “I think she lives by herself in one of the single student accommodation buildings.” His expression of concentration turned into a smile. “Oh that’s fine then. I’ll move out.” It’d be weird if Jimin moved out of here. We had spent all of Uni so far together, and…well, I guess I’d miss him. Then I shook those thoughts from my head, because he wasn’t with her yet- getting all sentimental so early on was pointless. “Silence at last, thank fuck”, I joked, and he tickled the sole of my foot in response. “Jimin stop or I’ll kick you where it hurts”, I threatened. The best part of the day was spent in a comfortable silence, but I still had one thing on my mind. What if he left? The next day, I was woken up to the sound of loud music coming from the room next door. The thin walls did nothing to mask the sound. I groaned into my pillow when I saw the time- 8 am. “Park Jimin, turn it down!”, I yelled, but it was to no avail. He couldn’t hear me over the racket. Jimin was an avid dancer and normally, he would have his headphones in, or dance when I was out. I smoothed down my oversized shirt (well, Jimin’s shirt), over my shorts and stomped to his room. His door was wide open and I stopped in my tracks when I laid my eyes on him. He was wearing sweats, the waistline comfortably hanging off his hips- and he had nothing on top. Of course I had seen him shirtless before- wearing no shirts was a nasty habit he had in the summer, but this caught me off guard. He saw me hovering by the door and went to turn the music down. I waited until he looked at me, expectantly waiting for me to speak. I ignored the way he eyes me as I snapped, “8 am Jimin. It’s 8 in the fucking am. What the hell are you doing? Never mind me, you must have woken up the whole apartment!” He rolled his eyes. “My headphones broke and I like the music loud.” I narrowed my eyes at his lack of apology, but huffed “Wait.” I made my way back into my room, grabbed my headphones and went to give them to him. “Take these and for Christ’s sake, keep it down!” “Thank you!”, he called after me, but I was too tired and snappy to reply. I decided that since I was up, I’d shower and get dressed. The party was from 10 onward, so I had nothing to do till then. I was ahead of schedule on revision, and didn’t want to over work myself. “Jimin, I’m showering now! You can go after me!” I doubt he could hear, but I yelled anyway. He usually woke up first, but he took so long showering that by the time he was out, I’d be sat at the foot of my bed, wide awake and impatiently waiting. Just before going in, I texted Taehyung a quick happy birthday from me and Jimin, because I knew Jimin would forget to. Grabbing a towel and my comfiest pair of leggings, a shirt (also Jimin’s) and a hoodie, I took a quick shower. I always yelled at Jimin because it was his fault our water bill was so high. I told him, ‘5 minutes is all you need’, but of course he never listened to me. I stepped out to find Tae had replied ‘Thank you! See you tonight.’. “Jimin, shower’s free!” No reply. I walked to his room, thinking he probably had the headphones still in, when I noticed his door was shut- I was pretty sure I had left it open. Then I heard his muffled voice- sounded like he was on the phone. “Oh yeah? Is that so? Seokjin asked you to the party?” He was using this god-awful flirty tone, so I guessed he was talking to Hyorin. “Well that’s good for you babe, because me and y/n are gonna be there too….Yeah, together.” I rolled my eyes. The two of them were so stupid- why use other people to make each other jealous? I knew Jin- he was also one of Tae’s friends- and I had a feeling he didn’t know Hyorin was leading him on. He would never agree to helping someone with something like this. And if it hadn’t been Jimin who asked me, neither would I. To kill the time, I sifted through my wardrobe and decided I would wear a sweater and skirt. It was a house party, and I didn’t want to look too overdressed. I knew Hyorin’s fashion choice, and knew for a fact that she’d come in the most revealing dress she could find. Hell, she might just tie a rag around her body and turn up. But at least Jimin would have eyes for her. The plan was to just eat and drink to my heart’s content as he ogled at her. After getting out my outfit, I decided some breakfast wouldn’t go amiss. I opted for toast, because we were out of everything else, and turned the TV on for a bit. Twenty minutes later, a flushed Jimin appeared. He looked so embarrassed he couldn’t even make proper eye contact, and I decided I didn’t want to know what the hell him and Hyorin had been talking about. “Shower’s free”, I stated the obvious, mouth full of toast and eyes glued to the screen. “OK, thanks. Where shall I put your headphones?” I glanced at him. “Keep em.” He thanked me once more before disappearing. “Such a nice girlfriend!”, he called out and I rolled my eyes. I felt a bit weird about this whole ordeal, and was already starting to regret helping him. Both of them were fucking stupid. He liked her. She liked him. What the hell was the point of all these mind games? I felt bad for Jin. At least I knew Jimin didn’t see me that way. At least I allowed for him to use me as some sort of decoy. Whereas I knew for a fact Seokjin would have no idea- and if he had asked her to go with him, he was probably interested in her. I wanted to tell him so bad, but I decided to see how the night panned out. It wasn’t in Jimin’s nature to be shallow, but in this case, I knew he had fallen for Hyorin’s looks, because her personality…well, her personality was split in so many ways, she could go to group therapy by herself. She wasn’t someone I classed as a friend myself, but we had a lot of mutual friends so I saw her around a lot. Now, the party. The party wasn’t exactly brilliant from my point of view. Jimin had a whale of a time. I mean, it was in full swing, and Taehyung was keeping everyone hyped, but three things were really bugging me. One- Jimin had sauntered off as soon as we got there, saying he wanted to speak to Hyorin. So much for staying with me. Two- I had caught Hoseok’s eye from across the room, and he kept throwing glances, because Three, Yoongi was sat with me and was also putting a downer on my mood. He had returned my revision notes and sat down next to me on the couch, sighing as if getting to Taehyung’s flat had physically exhausted him, when in reality he literally lived down the road. And for the ten minutes he had been sat there, all he had done was stare at some pretty blonde’s behind as she snuggled up next to what I assumed to be her boyfriend. I felt bad, because the moment I snapped was when I happened to see Jimin and Hyorin flirting, featuring an uncomfortable looking Seokjin. “Yoongi, the only way you could get a piece of that ass is if you posed as a toilet seat”, I snapped. “Woah someone’s cranky. What’s wrong? Wake up on the wrong side of your cousin?”, he shot back. I turned to glare at him. “Is that any way to talk to someone who helped you out with revision?” “It is when they have a go at me for no apparent reason.” I sighed. “I’m sorry Yoongi.” I hated apologising, but he was right. Normally, I wouldn’t give a shit, but today..I didn’t know why I was so highly strung. “Jimin, right?” I turned to face him, but he kept his blank gaze on the coffee table in front. “What about him?”, I challenged. “He’s with that girl..whatserface…” “Hyorin”, I muttered, trying not to sound miserable, but failing miserably. Of course I wasn’t mad about what they were doing- I was mad at Jin’s expense. I watched as a disappointed Seokjin walked slowly towards us, before squeezing into the tight space next to Yoongi. “Hey Jin”, we both greeted him simultaneously, and he gave a brief nod in response. I looked back at Hyorin- I don’t think she even noticed that Jin had left them. Yoongi turned back to me. “Hyorin…So I’m guessing you’re not a fan?” “I don’t know what you mean.” I didn’t like what he was implying. That I had some sort of vendetta against her because her and Jimin were flirting like there was no tomorrow. “Y/n don’t play dumb. You don’t like her.” Why was he pushing it? “There are only two things I dislike about her - her faces.” I saw Yoongi grin and heard Jin snicker but neither disputed what I said. “Hmm”, Yoongi pondered, or rather pretended to ponder. I knew he was testing me. “She’s definitely pretty though, don’t you think? They suit each other very well.” “Yeah, pretty as a picture. I know I’d love to hang her.” “Godamn, who do you have a problem with this time?”, a voice joked, making all three of us jump. My face fell once my brain had recognised who it was, and without looking up I whispered, “Hoseok.” I don’t think any of them heard me over the noise of the party. I hadn’t seen him make his way over. “Hobi, hi”, Jin and Yoongi waved to him and to my dismay, both shuffled over to make room on the sofa. Rather than stay where I was, I also shuffled over, because I would rather be sat between him and Yoongi, than be trapped by him at the end of the sofa. Also that way, I could just talk to Yoongi and Jin and ignore him. After greeting them, he turned to me. “Hey. Long time no see”, he breathed and I instantly stiffened, I saw Tae prancing around and wanted to get up and join him, but I had no idea who the hell he was with- very few people here looked familiar to me. “I wonder why”, I restored sarcastically. “How’s Yuji?” His face fell at the mention of her name. If you hadn’t already guess, Yuji was the girl he had slept with whilst still in a relationship with me.In all fairness to her, she didn’t know Hoseok was a taken man. “I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to her since we broke up.” I didn’t reply. I could never tell when Hoseok was telling the truth or lying. I got up to get a drink, not alcohol because one of us had to stay sober. Me and Jimin had one rule in our shared apartment- under no circumstances were we both to get drunk at the same time. That was a no no. And I could already see a red cup in Jimin’s hand, so I knew I’d be the sober one. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt an arm snake around my waist. I instantly reacted and slapped it away. When I turned around, I relaxed. “Oh sorry. Thought you were Hobi.” It was Jimin, looking all twinkly eyed. Not sure if that was the effect of the alcohol, or he was happy about his little conversation with Hyorin. I glanced back at the sofa- Hoseok was gone, Yoongi was on his phone. But what caught my attention was Hyorin snuggled between Yoongi and Jin, her hand on the latter’s thigh. She looked like she was apologising to him. “What the hell is she doing over there?” “She told me she came with Jin and was gonna spend time with him, before winking and walking off”, Jimin slurred. “And I came with you, right? So let’s have fun!” I noticed he was speaking just loud enough to catch her attention. And sure enough, he whispered, “Is she looking?” I rolled my eyes but nodded yes. “Kiss me.” I expression turned into mild disbelief. “OK Jimin, let’s get you home.” He must have drank more than I thought. “Please? Kiss me while she’s looking”, he tried again. “No Jimin, I don’t think that’s a g-” He cut me off with a chaste kiss and I pulled away immediately. “What the fuck?”, I hissed, but he wasn’t even paying attention. He had craned his neck to see if Hyorin saw us, and by the look of amusement and annoyance on her face, she had. And she wasn’t the only one. My eyes were scanning the room to see if I could find Tae and tell him we were leaving when Hoseok’s dark eyes met mine. He had seen everything too, and he didn’t look very happy. Even when we were together, I had a hard time convincing him that me and Jimin were just friends. And now…well now it would be pretty hard to dispute that claim. I was annoyed at Jimin- I had said ‘no’ and he still did what he wanted. I would wait until he woke up with a hangover, before letting him have it. This is exactly the reason why we had our drinking rule- both of us were pretty erratic when drunk. I waved by to Tae and told Yoongi we were off before dragging him out. The whole way home, I didn’t look at him.. “You’re mad at me”, Jimin stated sorrowfully, trailing behind me, his head hung low. “No shit”, I grumbled. We had kissed before, but just pecks on the cheek. Not this. “I’m sorry y/n”, he mumbled. I didn’t reply. We finally got to the apartment, and I slammed the door, making him wince. He was just about to shuffle of into his room, when I suddenly asked, “You want me to push you over?” He turned in confusion. “Huh?” “I asked, do you want me to push you over?”, I repeated, walking up to him, slowly enunciating each word. “No? Why would I want that?” Instead of verbally answering him, I stuck my lug out behind him , and pushed him backwards. Being drunk and having next to no stamina, he easily fell to the floor. He was sprawled on the floor, his face scrunched up in pain. “Y/n, what the fuck?” “You said ‘no’, and I did it anyways…sucks, huh?” This was all so dumb, our arguments never lasted. But I still wanted to show Jimin that what he did wasn’t OK. As I waited for an answer, he sighed theatrically before sitting up. “Y/n, I’m sorry. Really. I shouldn’t have done it. But I was thinking properly. And you looked nice…” I could tell by the way his sentence was trailing off, he was really tired. “OK. Go to bed. We’ll talk tomorrow.” He was way past it, and didn’t have it in him to get changed, so I helped him up and supported his frame as he lumbered to his room. “Thank you.” I nodded and started to leave, when he mumbled, half-asleep at this point. “Y/n?” I stopped. “You never said you forgive me…”. I gave him a small smile. He was now asleep, so I tiptoed out and shut his door. The next morning, I was up surprisingly early. I decided I would clean the apartment while Jimin was still out cold. He could clean his own room when he finally woke up. In the midst of me getting out a stubborn stain on the kitchen counter, Jin rang me. I was ashamed to admit it, but scrubbing away so hard actually had me out of breath. “Hey Jin”, I panted whilst eyeing the stain disdainfully. “Y/n.” His voice was quiet, and he actually sounded upset. And sure enough...“Did you know?” “Did I know about what?” I knew what he was getting at, but really didn’t want to talk about it. “About Hyorin and Jimin. And their stupid game.” He was met by the sound of my shallow, uneven breaths, before he eventually sighed, “Of course you knew.” “Jin, what happened?” I couldn’t think of any logical situation in which Hyorin felt the need to tell Jin about Jimin. “When you left us on the couch, Hoseok left soon after. Next thing I know she’s sat next to me, apologising for ignoring me. We saw you guys go. Shortly after, Hyorin wanted to leave too, so we did. I took her to mine and...”, he trailed off and my expression went from curious to disgusted. He cleared his throat before continuing. “Anyway, this morning, I told her I liked her. Like, really liked her. And I have done for a while. And you know what she says? That I was just a one night stand, and she wasn’t interested in me like that. That she liked Jimin and I was just someone to pass the time. I shit you not, those were her exact words.” “What the fuck?” I was beyond annoyed. “That’s fucking disgusting. That bitch needs to stop opening her legs and open a damn bible.” Jin laughed at my outburst. “And in answer to your question Jin...yes I knew. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t think she would stoop that low.” “Is Jimin using you like she used me? I saw the stunt he tried to pull off last night.” “He...wasn’t in his right mind. He was drunk. And I said I’d help out, but I take it back. After what Hyorin did...I don’t want her to do that again. To you or anyone else. I’m gonna tell Jimin to get his act together once he wakes up.” I turned around to scan the kitchen for the stain remover, as I needed even more, when I saw Jimin standing there, leaning on the door-frame. His face was slightly puffy, his hair all messed up and his expression unreadable. I looked away from him and spotted what I was looking for, and proceeded to carry on cleaning. I had no idea how long he’d been stood there, but I wasn’t too concerned- I hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t want him to hear. “Oh, also, before I forget. Hoseok texted me to ask if I had your new number. Apparently he sent Yoongi the same text.” I stiffened. “ didn’t?” “No no, don’t worry. Neither of us have replied.” I relaxed. “Thank you. If he wants my number after so long, then he’s probably up to something. Anyway Jin, I’ll call you later, I’m tryna get the apartment cleaned before lunchtime.” “OK y/n, talk later. And whatever you do, don’t let this stupid game between those two continue any longer.” “I won’t Jin.” And with that, I ended the call. I inspected the counter with a triumphant smile on my face- the stain had finally gone. There was a tense silence in the kitchen before Jimin spoke. “Who wanted your number?” I turned to face him. “Hoseok did. He asked Jin and Yoongi for it, but they didn’t reply.” Jimin’s eyes darkened at the mention of my ex’s name, but he said nothing. I wordlessly got him some painkillers and a glass of water. He wasn’t saying anything, but I knew he had a bitch of a headache. “Thank you”, he muttered. “How long have you been up?” “Since the phone rang." The small talk was too much. He sighed and ran a hand through his already messed-up hair. “Look y/n, about last night, I’m s-” “I get it Jimin. You’re sorry. And you’re forgiven. But what’s not cool is Hyorin treating our friends like one night stands because you’re both too stubborn to ask each other out!” “She..what?” “She stayed at Jin’s. He confessed to her this morning,Jimin. And she responds with ‘I like Jimin and I just needed someone to pass the time with’.” He remained silent, but I knew Jimin. And I could tell he was mad. “Go ahead. Call me a prick. Tell me it’s all my fault”, he muttered, as I took his glass to rinse it out. “No, a prick has a point”, I joked, but he didn’t laugh. I glanced at him over my shoulder to find him staring off into space, his mouth a thin line. “Hey Jimin, I was joking.” He slowly walked towards the counter and sat down on a chair. I came and sat next to him, my hand rubbing small circles on his back. He looked distraught. “She did that to a good friend, y/n. I’m...I don’t know what to think. We both agreed not to go that far with anyone. And on top of that, Jin probably hates me now.” “Hey. That’s not true, this is Jin we’re talking about.” All my annoyance at Jimin was gone. Call me weak, but how could I stay mad at him when he was so upset? “Jimin, look at me. He’s not mad, I promise you. He just wants you to ask her out so she doesn’t hurt anyone else like that. And you know you’re in love with her, so just do it.” We stared into each other’s eyes for god knows how long, before I took my hand off his back and cleared my throat. “Right, time to finish this cleaning.” I left him in the kitchen, alone with his thoughts. I felt bad- he just had to fall in love with one of the most promiscuous people I had ever come across. Cleaning done, I showered and flopped down on the sofa, exhausted. Jimin came trudging in 15 minutes later and by the looks of it, he had also showered. “I called her. She says she’s busy tonight, but she’ll come over tomorrow night at 9 ish.” I internally grimaced and made a mental note to be out of the apartment before then. I had no intention of being here when Hyorin came over. “OK, I’ll be out”, I replied. He sat down next to me. Normally, spending time with Jimin was fun. He was easy going and comfortable to be around, but since last night something felt off. “Where will you go at 9 pm?”, he asked incredulously. I shrugged. “Not sure yet. I’ll call someone up, see if I can arrange something.” He looked more handsome than usual...I couldn’t put my finger on why. Then I mentally scolded myself- I think I was only having these thoughts because he was about to get himself a girlfriend. Which was just wrong. But really, the way he licked his lips, ran a hand through his hair. The way his eyes crinkled up when he smiled. All his little quirks. Everything about him was something I liked. Honestly,until he started this little game with Hyorin, I wouldn't have been able to pin point a bad quality about him And even now, after he realised he made a mistake, he was trying to fix it. I couldn’t fault him. “Y/n, you ok?” I snapped out of my trance. “Yeah, all good. Just thinking about what I wanna do tomorrow.” That was a lie. I had been thinking about him, but I wasn’t going to tell him that, obviously. I decided to go on my phone and text Tae if he was free tomorrow night, and if he wanted to meet. We hadn’t really spoken at his party, so it’d be a good catch up. He said ‘yes’ to both questions, because him, Yoongi and Hoseok already had plans to meet up for dinner. “Fuck”, I muttered. I glanced over to Jimin, who had a stupid smile on his face. He was probably texting Hyorin. “What is it?” “Nothing.” He didn’t respond- he was too focused on whatever was happening on his screen. I got up to find something to eat- ended up eating cereal for lunch like a fully functioning adult should. The next two days were spent like this, in stoic silence. We went to Uni together, but for the first time ever, he sat with Hyorin, at the end of the row, so there was no room for me. I just shrugged it off and sat with Yoongi, who was actually a lot funnier to sit next to. But of course it didn’t feel right, not having my best friend next to me. I realised I needed to grow up, but I couldn’t control my feelings, no matter how childish I was being. When the lecture ended, they walked off together, so I said ‘bye’ to Yoongi and walked home myself. I couldn’t even listen to music to pass the time, because I had given Jimin my only headphones. On the way home, I got another text from Taehyung. ‘Jungkook, Namjoon and Jin are coming too. Sorry, it became a whole group thing! x’ I told him it was OK- I didn’t mind them. They were all cool people. The only person I had a problem with was Hoseok, and all I’d have to do was ignore him. It was weird. Hoseok’s very presence used to be my sanctuary, but now whenever he was near me, I felt like I was trapped. He was the same person I had fallen for, but now I knew the real him. I went home and sat on my bed, sifting through the days notes, trying to sort them out before eating, when the front door opened. I was just about to yell ‘hey’ when I heard an unwelcome voice. “Is she in yet?” I heard footsteps before Jimin answered with conviction. “No, there aren’t any plates in the sink. The first thing we do when we come home is eat, so she’s not in.” I was a bit annoyed. He had told me 9 pm, so why was she here when it was barely 5? And why didn’t they want me here? “So what you’re saying is this. We drop our little game now? But I was having so much fun!” I was starting to like this girl less and less. I went home and sat on my bed, sifting through the days notes, trying to sort them out before eating, when the front door opened. I was just about to yell ‘hey’ when I heard an unwelcome voice. “Is she in yet?” I heard footsteps before Jimin answered with conviction. “No, there aren’t any plates in the sink. The first thing we do when we come home is eat, so she’s not in.” I was a bit annoyed. He had told me 9 pm, so why was she here when it was barely 5? And why didn’t they want me here? “So what you’re saying is this. We drop our little game now? But I was having so much fun!” I was starting to like this girl less and less. “Hyorin...I really like you.” “Yeah, so you’ve said.” OK, she didn’t deserve Jimin. “So...I don’t want you sleeping with other people. You said it wouldn’t go beyond flirting.” “Jimin, babe. I say a lot of things. You can’t expect me to keep up.” There was a pause before she spoke again. “Hey baby, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” Queue another silence. I was about to bring up my breakfast when I heard the obscene lip smacking noises that followed. I checked the time. Ten past 5. I decided I would get ready now and hang at someone else’s place before the dinner. Even if Hyorin left before 9, I had made the plan now, and couldn’t back out. I decided on my favourite skinny jeans, a plain white shirt and a bomber jacket. Minimal makeup, hair left down.
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I liked the "Yoongi, the only way you could get a piece of that ass is if you posed as a toilet seat." And the "That bitch needs to stop opening her legs and open a damn bible." And the "No, a prick has a point." So funny, and savage af. The part that starts with, "I went home and sat on my bed," you put that section in there twice, I don't know if you saw that or not.
ah damn it I read the seond part first :(
hey i think you put the beginning of the story twice o-o but oh my gooossshhhhhh iif hyorin hurts him i swear! and hoseok got jeaalllooouuussss xD but geez, your stories are like no other o-o I LOVE IT
@slayyoongi omg omg this story! I cried'
@Isolate me too
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