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Hi everyone! It's Stephanie, and I'll be your MC for BTOB's Weekly Melody! "Weekly Melody" is a weekly segment that will showcase the amazing talent that the group has by sharing BTOB's "I'll Be Your Melody" videos! I'll be going in order that Cube Entertainment released the videos! I actually discovered these videos about a year ago and I absolutely fell in love with their voices and how talented they were!

Without futher ado, let's begin! :)

1. Sungjae's cover of "Etude of Memory" by Kim Dong Ryul

2. Peniel and Sungjae's cover of "You Deserve Better" by Verbal Jint ft. Sanchez of Phantom

3. Eunkwang's cover of "I Miss You" by Kim Bum Soo

I absolutely love ALL of these covers. They all sound amazing and you can really appreciate each person's talents.

That's all I have for this week of "Weekly Melody!" I hope you all enjoyed it and stay tuned until next week for the continuation of Season 1 of "I'll Be Your Melody!"

Have a great day everyone!! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

The first time I watched Sungjae's clip, I looked at him and wondered who's voice he stole cause he has such a mature quality to his voice and it's hard to believe that voice comes out of the boy who breaks watermelons with his forehead. #OnceTheMakenaeAlwaysTheMaknae
omg yes!!!!