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True Story

So I was at dinner with my parents last night last night, and my roommate texted me asking if I was playing Pokémon GO (I'm not, for the record), and my dad commented on how no one is gonna catch a Charizard. My mom looked confused so we explained that Charizard is a dragon type (it's been ages since I've seen or played Pokémon, and I know he's not technically a dragon type, but close enough), to which she responded "So is that like a DragonBall Z thing?" I just couldn't stop laughing! (She also pronounces Naruto "Narito," btw)
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that ssj3 charazard is superbadass
a year ago·Reply
😂😂😂 It's ok. My parents can't get it, either.
a year ago·Reply
@ShinigamiSan at least she's trying?
a year ago·Reply
@OtakuDemon10 Nah, my parents don't really try. My little sister is into anime, though.
a year ago·Reply
they need to make this a new mega-evolution for Charazard
a year ago·Reply