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Hello again my fellow vinglers! This was a request from @AmberFranco for me to write my next one shot starring Lay of EXO!
Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
A night in Shanghai It was six in the evening and you and Lay were walking to a fancy restaurant deep within the Shanghai city limits. You were both wearing facial masks because he had to hide himself from the public, and you wanted to avoid the horrible smell of other people's odor. It was all over Shanghai and you hated it! Once you two got to the restaurant, he found his old friends and introduced you to them. You all had dinner and talked to each other until Lay had to take a call. "I'm so sorry guys but I have to take this." Lay said to his friends. He went outside the restaurant to a bar next door and talked on the phone. It was his manager. He didn't tell you anything else other than that he was concerned about his health. "I need to use the restroom." You said to the others as you got up and walked to the bathroom. You couldn't find it anywhere in the restaurant, so you went back to Lay's apartment to use his bathroom. Lay finished his call with his manager and headed out of the bar and back to the restaurant but when he saw you head back to his apartment, he chased after you and you ran as fast as you could until you were out of his sight heading straight towards his apartment. Once you got to the apartment complex you stopped at the front door, looked to see if Lay was still chasing you down (you didn't see him), and you opened the front door and closed it as soon as you got inside. Then you walked up the stairs towards his apartment as you pull out the key he gave you before the both of you left for dinner. After you pulled out the key, you got inside and you closed it immediately and leaned on the door as you let out a sigh of relief. You walked towards his bathroom and locked the door behind you. As you were finishing up in his bathroom, you hear Lay walk in looking for you and you walked out of the bathroom and met him in the living room as he pulled you in for a tight hug as he couldn't let go because he was worried and concerned about you. "Lay, I just had to use the bathroom! What is up with you?!" You said to him. "Don't ever run off like that! You had me worried sick about you!" Lay replied. "I'm fine!" You said. "I know, thank goodness!" He said out of relief. You both let go of each other and you sniffed yourself. "Wow, I need to shower, I stink!" You said. He laughed hysterically at your comment and agreed with you. "You're funny nuna!" Lay replied. "I too need to shower as I can't stand the smell of other people's odor roaming around the city." Lay said. "Yeah! This place stinks! I'm getting in the shower." You said. "Me too!" Lay said as he followed you to the bathroom. Once you both got to the bathroom, you locked the door and he picked you up and kissed your lips oh so passionately and took his shirt off after he put you down. You unhooked your bra and slipped it off and dropped it on the floor. Then you pulled your leggings off and slipped your shoes off as well as your thong. You then pulled your blouse over your head as it fell on the floor after you pulled it over your head. You walked over and started the shower as you adjusted the temperature to where the water was hot, but not too hot. Lay walked over with his pants still on and you groped him by the butt, pulled him close to your head, stood up, and undid his pants and yanked them down. You then turned around, got in the shower with Lay doing the same thing, closed the curtain, and kissed him like it's the end of the world. As you were kissing him, you totally forgot to wash yourself so you grabbed your soap bar, got it wet, and rubbed yourself with the soap bar. Lay turned you around, pulled you close, and kissed your neck as you rubbed his back with the soap bar. It felt so good on him, he took it from you and rubbed himself with the soap bar. After he rinsed himself clean with the water, you switched the shower water to the bath water, covered up the drain, and you both sat down in the tub as you waited for the tub to fill with water. Once it was full, you turned the bath water off and you sat at the edge of the tub as Lay licked you clean. He licked all over your buns, the sides, the front, in between, and he even poked his tongue up your hole and you held him tight, hands on the back of his neck and all went well. He moved his tongue out. You got back in the tub, and kissed him with love. You then started to kiss his neck. "Should we dry up and move to the bed?" He asked. "Yes" you whispered in his ear. You both got up, you drained the water, dried off, and you both went to the bedroom. Once you both got to the bedroom, he checked his phone called his friends, and told them to go home as the restaurant was about to close soon. They also said they would bring your dinner to his place, so he put his robe on and you laid down on his bed. After Lay put both your dinners away, he took his robe off and got on his bed to kiss you. You both rolled around on his bed until you were on top and you grinded your hips on top his pelvic bone when he slid his dick up your hole and you kissed his neck. He pulled you close as he held you in his arms, hands on your back and then he turned you over and kissed your neck for a moment or two, then you turned him over and kissed all over his face, neck, chest, and each and every one of his ab muscles as well as his belly button, then you licked inside his belly button for several minutes until your tongue was dry. He then turned you over as he kissed all over your face, neck, and then he kissed your boobs, licking both your nipples, twirling his tongue around both your nipples and then he kissed your belly button and licks inside your belly button all over until his tongue was dry. You then did the 69 routine and licked each other dry while the both of you were leaking. Once you both stopped leaking, you caught your breaths, held each other, and fell asleep.
I hope you all enjoyed! If you want me to write another one shot for you, request an idol and I will work on it! ALSO! If you live in the Dallas area and are planning to go to the SHINee fan meet in Grand Prairie, let me know as I need a ride! My mom wants me to find friends to go with here and no one had responded to this! Please let me know if you are going to the concert! I don't want my mom to wait in the car or outside the theater during the concert!
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