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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 5 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Y/N's POV "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck." you said. You were freaking out, you put the test down and paced the floor then looked at it again. Still positive, you did this a couple of times like it would change the symbol, you were trying to figure out what the hell you were going to do. You couldn't be pregnant, not by Junmyeon of all people. You were outside of your bathroom when you began to throw stuff off of your desk. "Fuuuuuuuck!" you nearly screamed it out. You got a text from Junmyeon, Satan #2: Baby girl what are you doing right now? Are you feeling better? You skipped classes yesterday because you felt sick he must have found out from Kyungsoo. You two slept together twice the night of the party once at the party and the second time was at your place. He really liked that dress, it was sitting in the back of your closet now and you were ready to shred it. You despised the fact that you were comfortable in his arms. The more you had him the more you craved his touch. His hug, his kiss, even now you wanted him to just comfort you. You leaned against your wall feeling hopeless. You texted back, You: I'm fine Junmyeon just leave me alone. A few minutes went by and your phone buzzed again. Satan #2: Y/N what's wrong what did I do this time? I'm not texting to sleep with you. I just wanted to know if you were okay. You sighed, You: Junmyeon leave me alone. I'm fine, please. He didn't text back and you thought you were fine with that but it sort of made you feel worse. You just leaned against the wall, your tears falling silently; there was no way you could be pregnant. You slid down the wall curling your legs up to you and burying your head into your arms. You felt like hell. A knocking came at your door but you didn't budge. The knocking came louder, Kyungsoo would just open the door if he was worried. You just ignored it till it finally stopped. You cried silently into your arms not hearing the front door open moments later. You heard quick footsteps coming into your bedroom, "Y/N what's wrong?" you heard his familiar voice. Worry came from it, you never looked up but you could hear him coming closer to you. It sounded like he knelt down to touch you. With your head still down you said loud enough for him to hear, "Don't touch me." "Baby girl what's wrong?" Why did you want him to touch you? You got a sense of comfort from him, the same man that teased you for being too much of a tomboy. The one who called you a woman that could never make a man truly happy but somehow the same man that hurt you was the one you wanted to comfort you. You wanted him to hold you but you were telling him not to touch you. How the hell could you bring a baby into this confusion? Just the idea of it made you cry more, "Y/N what's going on? Do I need to call Kyungsoo?" "Leave him out of this, why are you here?" "I was worried about you. Tell me what's going on." You looked up at him, he looked really worried about you. You had no idea why he cared, his hand reached for your face and you turned away from him. He still cupped your cheek and turned your head to look at him. "Tell me what's going on baby girl." he said. "I hate you, just go away." your eyes began to water more. "I won't leave until you tell me." "How did you even get in?" "I stole Kyungsoo's key. Now what's going on?" Touch me. Touch me more. Your head was letting the thoughts in. You wanted his arms around you, you wanted him to tell you it was okay. You also didn't want him around. You wanted to push him away and tell him to never come back but damn his hand felt good. You wanted him to wrap his hands around you and hug you. You were strong but you couldn't handle this alone. You wouldn't make eye contact with him and he was getting upset. He cupped the other side of your face and made you look up but you closed your eyes so you couldn't see him. "I'm going to get you some food okay baby. Will you talk to me then?" You didn't say anything; you only just now noticed how he called you 'baby' when you two were alone even when you weren't having sex. You shuddered at the thought of having sex with him at a time like this. He kissed your forehead and it was the sweetest feeling ever. Your body warmed up to his touch like it did when he touched you at the party. He positioned himself so that he was able to wrap his arm under your legs. His arm wrapped around your back and he lifted you up. He walked you over to your bed and laid you down. You turned to your side, and wrapped the blanket around yourself. He pet your head and said, "Y/N I'm honestly worried about you, will you please tell me if I've done something to you?" You pulled yourself deeper into the covers, bringing it just slightly above your face. You heard him sigh and he told you he'd be back. He walked out of your room, closing the door. Your phone began to ring, you looked at the collar ID. Squishy popped up on your screen. Kyungsoo would call you right now. If you ignored him too long he'd show up at your place. You felt sick but you answered the phone anyway. "Hello." you said weakly. "Y/N, Gi and I are going to meet up with the guys. We're going to see a movie, are you feeling well enough to come with us?" Kyungsoo said. You yawned, "Kyungsoo I'm feeling better thanks for calling but I'm just really exhausted and I have some homework to catch up on. I'll see you tomorrow for classes." "Okay, get some rest and study well. I'll see you tomorrow. Hey my Mom is coming back in town she's meeting up with your dad, you should could come along too." "Sure, what time am I meeting you guys?" "We're meeting up after classes around three. I'll text you where once I find out myself." "Okay. Bye." You said. You sat the phone back down and curled up into the covers. You ended up falling asleep.... When you woke up you, you felt his hand on your shoulder. He'd been shaking you lightly and calling your name sweetly. Your eyes peeked open to see him looking at you with a small smile. You could smell the food he brought for you, although you appreciated the effort, it wasn't helping your stomach. "Junmyeon thank you for the food but please take it in the kitchen the smell is making me sick." You said covering your face. "Sure thing babe." he said. You could hear him shuffle out of the room and moments later he came back in. He laid in bed next to you and pulled the covers off your face. You could feel his lips touch the nape of your neck gently. "Baby girl, will you tell me what's going?" he asked. You still didn't say anything, he wrapped his hand around your body and pulled you into his body. The last thing in the world you ever imagined was that you would be spooned by Junmyeon. His arms wrapped around you to comfort you and you relaxed. He pulled you in tighter burying his face into your neck. Not doing anything to spark a quick fuck but to genuinely aid in comforting you. He was trying so hard to figure out what he had done. You cried silently against him but you didn't want him to know, you were still trying to sort out how you felt about this. He started singing to you hoping to ease you back to sleep. You hadn't realized how angelic his voice was. How deliciously sweet it sounded. You knew very little about the man that had gotten you pregnant despite being his younger brother's best friend. "When did you learn to sing?" you asked trying to regain control over yourself. "Back in high school, I wanted to impress this girl that was older than me. So I asked a female friend of mine what impressed girls. She told me to sing to her." "Why would you need to impress a woman, all you have to do is walk past her to get attention." "You should know better than anyone else not all women are alike. Some take more effort than others. Some don't fall for the player types, kind of like you." "Don't be so sure." you mumbled. "Hm?" he hummed to you. "Nothing." you said wondering why you had said it in the first place. "Can you sing baby girl?" Junmyeon said. You chuckled, "I wouldn't know, I've never tried. I doubt I have that talent. Kyungsoo can sing though, he used to sing me to sleep when we were kids. I guess he could tell how much my father losing his job affected me." Junmyeon was quiet for a while before you felt him sigh against your neck. "I regret saying so many mean things to you back then. I didn't have someone like you did. I acted out more because I was upset." "Upset about what?" He went silent and pulled you closer to him. He gave you light sweet kisses against your shoulder. For some reason the night of the party came back to your mind. He asked you if you cried for Kyungsoo that day and if you would stop seeing him if Kyungsoo asked. You never really thought he would cause he wanted you two to get along and he wasn't supposed to know about your hook ups but you wondered, "Junmyeon, are you jealous of Kyungsoo?" you asked. "Mmm. Yeah I guess, he got everything I didn't. Happy family, moms favorite kid and he got you." Junmyeon said. Your heart raced, your face grew hot. What was he saying? He stood up to take a bathroom break and you laid there motionless letting his words sink in. Then you started to realize something you didn't throw the test away. You sat up quick throwing the covers off of you, "Junmyeon!" He came out looking down at the test in his hands. Your heart raced even faster than before. He looked at it with an unreadable expression. You stared at him freaking out internally. Why didn't you throw the damn thing away! "You're pregnant?" he said looking up at you. Him saying it out loud made everything too real. "That explains your behavior but I thought you were on the pill." "I am, I just missed a few times." "So were you going to tell me?" he asked. You looked away from him. You didn't really want him knowing to be very honest. He was the guy you were supposed to hate, the guy you were sleeping with because you were being blackmailed, the guy you became addicted to. The same guy that your body wanted desperately, he knew all your spots and how to take care of your needs. You didn't want to be pregnant for one thing and you didn't want him to know. It was clear on your face. "Did you set up a doctors appointment?" he asked. You shook your head no.. "Well you should, it could be a false positive. Set up the appointment baby girl." "That one is the best test if it says positive it's highly likely to be the truth." you said. "So then what the hell were you going to do? Y/N please don't tell me you were going to do something about this all by yourself." You hadn't even thought that far ahead, you had only found out today, a few hours ago to be exact. Your silence set a bit of panic in him as he moved to sit on the bed. He cupped your face in his hands, "Y/N I'm an asshole yes but please don't even consider something like that. This kid is part of me too." "What are you saying? You want to be a daddy?" "I may have considered it once or twice and ideally I'd like it to be later in my life but Baby girl if you're pregnant now I'm not just going to ignore that. It took two to make what's growing inside you." He gently pressed his hand to your stomach. you shivered at his touch. You tried to look away from him, it's not like you were considering an abortion but you were scared. "Junmyeon my mother died because of this. She was pregnant again and she had complications with the pregnancy, she died before the baby was ever born." He sighed, that was a pretty rough thing to deal with. Junmyeon kissed you though, kissed you deep and hard. When he pulled away, his eyes looked wet, "I know it's scary baby girl but please listen to me. Please, I am begging you don't do anything drastic. I'll go to the doctors with you, I'll take care of you just please don't-" "Junmyeon stop,. I won't do anything." you said interrupting. He brought your head to his chest and kissed the top of your head. He hugged your body against his and kissed you. His tongue sweeping up into your mouth leaving you speechless. He had your lips swollen, he held you close not wanting to let you go. "I promise I'll take care of you two. Go ahead and sleep Baby girl. You can eat when you wake up." he said. "What am I supposed to do about Kyungsoo?" "He doesn't need to know right now, no one needs to know right now. Just let me take care of you Y/N." You pulled yourself closer to him, you had sweatpants and a sweatshirt on but you only became comfortably relaxed when he held you tighter. His lips pressed against your forehead and his hand was petting your hair. You were starting to fall back to sleep, as you drifted deeper into sleep, you heard him say, "I love you baby girl." He spoke so softly that you almost missed what he said as if he didn't want you to know it in the first place. Everything went black before you could respond. You were asleep......
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Glad he didnt.get angry and that he wants to take of her and the baby.
love it. waiting for the next chapter. you are an amazing writer
@KristinaCaron thank you so much for saying that, it made my night 😄😄
I really did enjoy... my heart rate was frantic and irregular but that's what I like about a good read..the emotions it puts you through.