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Currently dying now from the special Clio released o V app and YouTube. Monsta X performed a song off their The Clan album. It was "White Sugar", one of my favorite songs off the album. I'm afraid o won't be able go hold out much longer. Before I go I have to warn you of some thugs in he video.
Hyungwon f**king lipbite that made me go crazy and his voice just gave me chills. Jooheon's deep voice and overloading cuteness Kihyun's killer, amazing, and splondorus(is this even a word?) voice. Shownu's lips, eyes, basically everything I.M just trying to kill everybody, he has no chill. @VatcheeAfandi99 Get yo man xD Wonho being his usual Wonhoee self. But this time I.M joined in. I see the ship!!! and freaking Minhyuk....... The cutest ball of sunshine I have seen in my life. His voice is just like honey.
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Yes its a very beautiful song ❤