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He taps the top of his watch impatiently; bringing it up to his ear to make sure it’s still ticking. The hands haven’t moved and this is the third time he’s checked it. He strides into the other room to check with the clock, it shows the same time as his watch. He hears a chuckle behind him and turns to find his father.
“I would ask if you were nervous but I know you too well for that. Impatient is more what I’m seeing, am I right?”
He turns to him, his hand tapping out a rhythm on his leg. “Are all the time pieces in this place broken? I swear it was this time 30 minutes ago!”
His father puts a loving hand on his shoulder and pats. “You’ve waited this long, thirty more minutes won’t kill you.”
“Are you sure? It feels like it.”
“Son, that woman up there loves you. You know that, I know that, anyone who has ever been in the room with the two of you know how inseparable you are. I thought we were going to have a lawsuit from the hospital last year when they couldn’t get you to stay in your room and out of hers. This is simply a formality, we all know it.”
“A formality that should have happened last year; and it would have if it hadn’t been for the accident.”
“But the accident did happen and the two of you are stronger together for it.”
“I just want to finally say legally that she’s mine and that I belong to her.”
His father smiles fondly, “Thirty more minutes. Why don’t you go walk through the ceremony room and reflect.”
He looks over his shoulder at the door where the ceremony will take place, takes a deep breath and nods his head. He leaves his father shaking his head, staring after him.
Instead of walking into the ceremony room, he wanders over to where the small reception will be held. There are multiple pictures posted of them as a couple and of her in her bridals. Thinking about his life, he can’t imagine it without her. His mind strays back to when he first saw her name on his Instagram.
(His Thoughts)
1500 likes 300 comments: blah blah blah, scroll scroll scroll. Like, Love, King, I love you, Why this, Why that, really? Wait… what was that?
User9756 “..just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul” Lord Wotton, Dorian Gray
A smile spreads across his face and he scrolls up and back again to make sure he saw it correctly. Finally! Someone gets it.
The smile is now a full, broad smile. He clicks over on User9756 and takes a quick look through the pictures. Attractive woman, brilliant smile, she’s glowing off the screen.
He sits up a little straighter and scans through a few more.
Of course;
as he lands on a picture with a man around the same age. He shakes his head and turns it off for the night.
2000 likes 350 comments – 1540 likes 200 comments – for weeks he watched and reacted when User9756 completed his quotes and stated where they were from. Unable to help himself, knowing she has a man in her life, he still found himself looking through her pictures when days were hard or he felt stressed. They seemed to help his mood more than he realized.
He found himself clicking follow on her profile one day. The minute he did so he regretted it.
Is there going to be a problem with him following her? Will the press put it out there that he’s following some random female from another country on Instagram? Will that have an effect on her? He doesn’t want to do that, but he wants to see what she posts when she posts, not have to go look for it later. Perhaps if he doesn’t like or comment on anything, it will just pass and no one will call attention to it.
His phone vibrates in his meeting and he politely lowers it to check. Notification from Instagram. While he would love to check it now, heaven knows he could use all the help he can get with this meeting, but it is impolite and unprofessional. At the first break he pulls his phone out and checks the notification, it is her. A small smile forms, what is she up to today? His eyes widen and he sits up a little straighter, She’s coming here! He scans through different images, makes sure the translation is correct. Yes, she’s coming to South Korean and alone. What man would allow his woman to travel across the world alone? Does he not truly care for her? I would care for her. As the thought passes his mind he stops. The knowledge that he does care for her shocks him. Silly. I’ve never met this woman, never spoken to this woman, how could I possibly have attached feelings for her? Yet. A picture is a thousand words. He feels as though he can read her feelings by each one, that she gets what he’s trying to say when she completes his quotes. Interesting.
He wanders further into the room, stopping in front of his favorite bridal shot. His mind wanders to the first time he saw her in person.
She’s stunning, so much more than her pictures. Even hidden behind her mask and with her sunglasses, I would know her anywhere. My eyes follow her as she joins the group heading out the door, until her bag falls. I can’t help it, without even thinking, I’ve walked forward to assist. As she takes her bag and looks up at me, there is a zing. God I don’t want there to be a zing, I can’t have this woman, but I want her. Even more now.
As he moves on to the pictures of the two of them as a couple; their selfie in front to the turtle boat is there. A tender smile shows on his face as he remembers how much he just wanted his hands her.
Why am I doing this to myself? She just broke up with her boyfriend, she needs time to process, time to heal. God I don’t want to give it to her. It feels like I’ve wanted her for an eternity. Her touch, her smile, her laugh, they’ve become addictive to me. It’s as if there’s a physical pain if I can’t be with her or at least hear her voice each day. My palms itch with the strain of keeping my hands to myself. Maybe if I just move my leg over a little bit… sigh, yes. Just that touch, it’s enough to hold me for now.
He shuts his eyes as memories flood through him.
When I opened the door to her, I knew. I knew she’d found out and that she’d be mine. But I still held back. I guess I wanted to be sure that she really wanted me as much as I wanted her, that it wasn’t just because of who I was and that I’d made it obvious that I wanted her. I know better. This is [YN], she’s gotten me from the first. The real me. Sure, maybe she saw the celebrity at first but the times we’ve spent together and our talks, I feel like I’ve known her forever. I think it adds to the want of her, the urge to possess her and feel that oneness in every way. For some reason, I feel like it will make me complete.
She’s nervous; I can feel excitement and nerves coming off her in waves. Damn phone, why couldn’t Eun wait and call me later? What could be so important? Anything. If I’ve learned one thing it’s to never put her off, bad things happen when I do.
She told her. I can’t believe she actually did that for me, I could kiss that woman. Is that what I’m feeling different from her? Is she nervous now that she knows I really am free to love her? She knows. I can’t get over that, so many times I’ve tried to make her understand. I just need to relax, enjoy the evening, watch the show and see what happens.
Their first time together bring a bit of moisture to his eyes. He still can’t believe how lucky he is to be standing here, waiting to become her husband. He wants to be her man, her everything, and damn if the time won’t go by any faster than it is!
As the music starts he takes his place at the top of the aisle.
Finally. As my eyes get a glimpse of her, she’s just as stunning as when I first saw her. Except that smile; it’s now for me. That glow is because she’s happy, that smile is mine, I put it there. I will return that smile for the rest of my life if she lets me. I’ll do everything within my power to keep it there. I sigh deep when my father puts her hand in mine and that’s all it takes. I’m calm. She’s all I need, she’s all I’ll ever need.
XIA Tonight English Lyrics
Now follow me
I’ll give you a secret confession
Can you feel only sweet things?
No No don’t deny me
When I go to you hotly
Oh feel my love
Don’t worry
Tonight Can’t you see?
Only remember tonight
This moment, I’m with you
Let me know
What kind of version of me you want
Hum Just look at me
I’ll remember
Because it’s you, I only love you
A little bit closer
I can’t stop loving you Tonight
From your head to your toes, everything
You’re so shy, you’re my slave
Perfect hands will touch
your sweet heart
Know? Know? That’s me
I know you but I wanna know more
I looked for you every day
I’ve grown tame and accustomed to you
I want you
No one can know
Our secret
I hope you only remember this moment
Tonight Can’t you see?
Only remember tonight
This moment, I’m with you
Let me know
What kind of version of me you want
Hum Just look at me
I’ll remember
Because it’s you, I only love you
A little bit closer
I can’t stop loving you
I actually let a guy friend read this before posting to make sure I was tapping into a guy psych. so they are out there😊
💖💖💖 *sigh* If only I can find the the man of my dreams...the man of my fan fictions! hehe! 😊 Ah I can dream can't I lol
I regret taking too long to read it. It was beautiful.
Too cute. When will This ever happen? I dream on 😂
That was an awesome ending to an amazing story! 😁😄😢
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