why have 1 bias when you can have 4?!! XD

Hansol Chwe/Vernon

ever since Adore U, there was always something different about Hansol that was just contagious. After hearing Lotto, there was no doubt he was bias material for me. he's an awesome rapper, a talented dancer, and just really funny. he's also really sweet and just an awesome big brother!!

Lee Chan/Dino

Aside from being my age, he loves Michael Jackson and I've grown up with his music so there was no doubt I'd like him as well. This kid is so talented it's unbelievable!! Hearing him, Wonwoo and Mingyu remix No Flex Zone was incredible. He's so dedicated to his idol life and always manages to stay young, even if the maknae is always teased!!
Kwon Soonyoung/Hoshi Not only is he hilarious, but omg can he dance!!! Him as the Performance Unit leader was a great choice. He can make something so simple and make it 100× more awesome!! He works so hard and keeps the mood happy and lively among the group. There's no one like him and I think that's his best quality!!
Lee Jihoon/Woozi Where do I begin with Woozi?? From his amazing producing skills, to his dancing, to his singing, this guy is just all around talented!! He's a sweetheart, but also very serious about his work, which is what makes him so great in my opinion. He cares so much for everyone and will work to the bone until his members' music is perfect!!


basically everyone else in the group!! XD