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This is probably going to be a huge topic in the Vingle community. This message I've received came around 5:33 am. I did some research on this later in the afternoon and turns out it's fake. This so called agency is trying to trick our young and/or new vingle users to think that they have won something! These scams will do anything to steal your identity and this needs to stop! I suggest to all of you to be careful and do your research. If you get something like this, report it immediately. We can't afford having people's identities stolen this year or any other year.
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I just got the same messages this morning but with different user name
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@lovetop did you report it yet?
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@LeshelleHoward Yes I did and I also made a card to send to my community to alert them as well!!!!
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They did it again ! Its not just on Vingles ,they do it on all your emails . Do not respond by giving them your private information as requested . Its a scam . I would have been a billionaire by now since I got more than 100 letters of these kind . Please do not fall for the trap ever. A lot of people lost money in their accounts because they gave them the information they requested.
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I got this once but i just ignored it but i didn't know who to report it
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