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That was weird.... We walked towards them with some distance between us. "Sarah.... I need to speak with you." Suga said pulling me away. After some distance from them he stopped and turned around to face me. Oh please not another one. "Sarah I like Megan." He stated "What!!!! Really!?!?!?" "Yea, she's amazing. I just want to be around her. It's weird, I'm normally really quiet and serious but for her I don't want to be. Can you help me ask her out?" I jumped up and down and then lunged at him giving him a hug. He would be Megan's first boyfriend. "Of course I'll help you!" I know Megan wasn't crazy about Suga but she did say that love might change him....she has already changed him and she doesn't even know. "Ok don't tell anyone about this ok?" "Not even Jungkook?" "No not even him, they will all find out and make it very hard on me." "Ok I won't tell anyone." With that we turned back and walked to the group. I was smiling like crazy. We just had to plan an awesome way for him to ask her out. When we got back to everyone Megan whispered in my ear. "What just happened?" "Can't tell you it's a secret." I smiled. I looked at Jungkook he didn't look to happy. I walked over to him. "What's wrong kooooookie?" I asked poking him in the stomach. "Nothing." "Kooookie.... Don't lie." He wouldn't look at me. I was trying to be cute. Grrrr. I grabbed his face in my hands and made him look at me. I wanted to know what was wrong. I didn't like him this way. "What's wrong? Please tell me?" I was pleading with my eyes, he was staring right back at me. We were in this moment. "Sarah.....Why.......I feel......I...... I don't like...... it's like this...... I... uh you know what never mind." What was so hard to tell me? He tried to turn away. I don't understand why he won't tell me. I wouldn't judge him. I became angry that for us supposedly being friends he wasn't acting like it. "Jeon Jungkook you tell me now!" he was shocked at my anger. He opened his mouth to say something but stopped. I guess Jimin was watching because at that instant he pulled me away from Jungkook. That was it. I didn't care. He can't just talk to me? That's crazy. Why the hell do I care what he is thinking? The rest of the time I was attached to Jimin. I didn't even bother to look at Jungkook anymore. Finally they dropped us off and Jimin gave me a kiss on the cheek before hoping in the car. They drove off. I needed sleep. I walked right into Megan. "So you and Suga?" "Don't worry about it." I walked to the door and unlocked it. "Why won't you tell me what happened?" "Because he asked me not to... why? Do you actually like him?" I asked since it seemed like she did. "No... I like J-hope" "You sure?" "No...not really anymore." "Ok then why don't you get to know Suga he's pretty awesome." I said and went inside to go to bed. Once I hit my bed I was out. Megan's POV When I saw Sarah talking to Suga at the amusement park I got this weird feeling. We were all watching them. Sarah started jumping up and down and then hugged him. I didn't like it.... And by the looks of it neither did Jungkook. I felt like my heart was breaking. When they were walking back to us Sarah was smiling. I need to know what was going on. "What just happened?" I whispered to her. "I can't tell you it's a secret." She smiled, then walked off to Jungkook. Why were they keeping a secret? I wanted to know and so I walked up to Suga and linked our arms together. He looked at me and smiled. God what an amazing smile. Wait what am I saying J-hope is my bias. Suga was very helpful in the haunted house, so I do see him a different way. We talked the rest of the night and when we'd ride the rides if we weren't together we would end up back to each other. He was different from what I thought. Finally we got home and I waved goodbye to everyone and jumped out. As I waited for Sarah to unlock the door I asked about what she wouldn't tell me earlier. "So you and Suga?" "Don't worry about it." She unlocked the door and walked in. "Why won't you tell me what happened?" "Because he asked me not to. Why? Do you actually like him?" "No I like j-hope" I finally said "You sure?" "No...not really anymore." "Ok then why don't you get to know Suga he's pretty awesome." She said and walked to her room. I couldn't sleep. *DING* a text message came through Unknown: Hey Sarah gave me your number I hope that's ok...It's Suga. I smiled Me: yea that's fine. What's up? Suga: I couldn't sleep Me: same here I was thinking. Suga: Me too... I was thinking about you actually WHAT!! Did I read that right? Me: You were thinking about me? Why? Suga: I had fun with you today.... You're a pretty amazing girl. I blushed thank god he couldn't see me. Suga: Want to hang out tomorrow? I'll come get you after I get done at the studio? Me: Yes! Suga: Awesome see you tomorrow! ;) I smiled and closed my eyes. I guess I have some type of feelings for him.
I know this is a tiny update but I had to finish the fun at the amusement park and..... I hope you enjoyed it....I wonder what's going to happened between Kookie and Sarah.....and Suga and Megan.....oh so much to happen in the next chapter....I might just post it later tonight.
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