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The Exceeds! The best Support anyone can ever have! They are always there for their Dragon Slayers❀ And they always will be! Best Support in Fairy Tail hands down!

HAPPY! The lovable Blue Cat always there for Natsu & Even Lucy!❀

Carla! The Beautiful and Elegant Exceed always there for Wendy!❀

Lily! (Aka as Pantherlily) The Amazingly Strong and Brave Exceed always there for Gajeel!❀

Frosch! The Adorable Frog Dressing Exceed that is always there for Rogue!❀

And Lector! The Awesome yet Serious (well sometimes xD) Exceed that is always their for Sting!❀

All These Exceed are the most amazing support in FT because not only do they support but defend and love the people they fight for❀

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@AimeBolanos Omg!!! yes! I love the FT guys but Rogue and Sting ... 😍😍😍 omg so sexy!
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@watermage Omg xD
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@AimeBolanos Arigato for tagging me
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@Gabby991 Np Anytime xD
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