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Thank you once again to @StefaniTre I absolutely love love BAP and screenshot games so it's a win win lol. Game 2.
Ahhh..Daehyun with bright ideas.
I don't mind being awaken my Himchan
Youngjae and Zelo...what to do.
Really..I'm touched maknae. ♡
*fangirling*!!!!!!!!! I'm okis.....I'm oki.....I'm ok
I adore you, you beautiful maknae tree. I do, so don't get jelly. It was just holding hands
Yas..thank you bc I would have been scared regardless.
Darn it...oppa waeyo??? ㅠㅠ
Jongup is up to something...hmmmmm what you laced my food with?
♡♡♡♡♡ stop trying to be #1 in my heart again...don't stop though lol
yasssssssss!!! Screenshot life is complete lol.
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thanks for playing!
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