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Genre: Most Likely Smut, maybe angst?, Romance ( I don't even know, man I'm just making things up along the way T.T) Pairing: Taehyung x Reader Length: A lot Summary: " If you win, then I'll stop flirting with you. But if I win, then I get to do whatever I want with you." Chapters: 1/? A/N: Omg I'm so embarrassed. *Hides* This is my first Smut- related story that I can't believe I'm actually posting but eep here goes... Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: *PROLOGUE* " I bet your mouth would feel good on my-" " Oh god, Taehyung! Don't say shit like that!" Y/N exclaimed, burying her face in her hands to hide her embarrassment. " You're thinking about it, aren't you?" He whispered in a husky voice, lips barely brushing against the shell of her ear. " Shut up, you little shit." She laughed, pushing him away. " I would never do any of that with you anyway." She scoffed, shoving a hand ful of fries into her mouth. The way his eyes followed every move didn't go unnoticed and she fought the urge to squirm in her seat. " Do what?" He feigned innocence. " You know..." She mumbled, turning deep red at the topic of this conversation. " Mind being specific?" He smirked. " Oh wait. Do you mean what I think you mean? Oh my, is Little Miss Innocent thinking dirty?" " Oh my god, this conversation." She flushed in embarrassment. " Why am I friends with you?" " I'd be more than happy to be more than friends, babe. " He winked. Y/N rolled her eyes and took a sip of her coffee. " Oh yeah, baby, just like that." He suddenly moaned exaggeratedly and her eyes widened as she began to grow red again. " Oh my god, just drinking my coffee turns you on? How the hell is that even possible?" " Sorry babe, you just make everything sexy and it doesn't help that I picture you sucking on something else other than that straw." He licked his lips and smirked at her flustered expression. She choked on her drink and stood up. " Okay, let's go. I feel so bad for the people that could be listening in on this conversation. " He snickered but followed her anyway, definitely not forgetting to fall back a little behind to check out her backside. " Wanna make a bet?" He suddenly asked as they got in the car. " I don't even want to know. " " Oh come on, babe! It'll be fun..." He sang. " I'm definitely NOT agreeing, but what is this mighty bet going to be about anyway?" She asked, curiosity getting the best of her. " Sorry babe, but you have to agree to know the details. " He smirked, leaning back against the seat. " Whatever, it's probably stupid anyway." " Any minute now..." Taehyung mumbled. " 3...2...-" " Dammit, I'm totally going to regret this..." " Yes!" Taehyung pumped his fist up in the air in victory. " Hey! I didn't even say it yet!" " You didn't have to baby girl, I know you all too well." He winked. " Okay whatever, tell me what I just got myself into." Y/N sighed. " If I can get you to fall for me by the end of the week then I win but if I lose then I'll stop flirting with you." " I'm not saying you will, but what happens when you win?" She said, dreading the answer already. " Then I get to do whatever I want with you. " " Oh fuck, I knew I fucked up. " She whined, resting her head on the steering wheel. " Oh you don't even know, baby." He smirked. He waited until the stoplight turned green before resting his hand on her thigh, grinning when he felt her tense up. " W-what are you doing? " She swallowed nervously, trying to focus on the road. " Wait, we're starting now?! Tae, I'm driving!" " Too bad for you, if you can't handle it then I win and you can pull over so I can claim my prize." " Oh're insane. " She whined. " Only for you, baby. " He grinned, slowly moving his hand upwards. She pressed her thighs together tightly in attempt to ease her pain and block his hand from getting any closer to her sensitive spot. " Did you wear a short skirt all for me today, baby?" He whispered into her ear, causing a shudder to course through her body. " Shit." She cursed under her breath and tried to concentrate on not crashing into anything. " Does that feel good, baby? Do you want me to go higher?" His lips brushed against her ear, planting a small kiss against the shell of her ear before moving down to nip at her earlobe, earning a small whimper from her lips. Y/N peeked at the rear view mirror, nearly melting at the way he smirked against her ear before moving down to trail small kisses along her jaw, his eyes fluttering closed as he began to gently suck on her delicate skin. She tried to hold in her moan as she pulled into her driveway, almost forgetting to turn off the car in her hurry to get the fuck out of there. She ripped the door open and ran to her front door, fumbling for her keys while trying to calm her racing heart. She looked over her shoulder to see that bastard step out of the car, a smirk plastered on his face as he ruffled his hair. Damn, she shouldn't have invited him to her house earlier, she wouldn't last five minutes in this bet. Y/N barely stepped into the room before she was shoved roughly against the wall. Her eyes were wide open in shock and she felt her heart speed up. Taehyung stared at her with lustful eyes before bringing his lips back to her neck, placing a gentle kiss before brushing his lips against her ear, causing her to shudder and curse herself for being so submissive. " T-Taehyung." She tried to protest but it seemed that her body was completely frozen. " Wow, I thought you would last a little longer than that, baby." He chuckled, his warm breath fanning her ear as she fought the urge to shudder again. " That w-wasn't a fucking moan, you pervert. " Y/N snapped, finally pushing him off. He smirked at her before bringing his face close to her flustered one. Her breath hitched in her throat and she felt something warm begin to dampen her panties. Dammit, Taehyung. You little shit. Y/N mentally cursed as he ran his tongue over his lips, leaving a glossy finish that Y/N couldn't take her eyes off of. " Eyes up here, baby." He smirked. Y/N slowly brought her eyes up to meet his lustful gaze, embarrassed at getting caught. " You were saying?" His voice was lowered but still held a playful tone that had her panties completely soaked by now and she brought her thighs together tightly, afraid that she might start dripping and lose the bet. And she wasn't going to lose to this fuckboy. Hell no. A sudden burst of determination took over her sense of thought and before she could stop herself, she grasped Taehyung by his shoulders and shoved him hard against the wall, his eyes widening in surprise. He began to stutter but Y/N suddenly lunged forward and brought her face close to his, her breath fanning against his ear, causing him to involuntarily shudder. Her lips brushed his ear and he bit his lip harshly, swallowing hard. " So what movie are we watching?" She whispered, feeling a smirk begin to work it's way onto her lips. " W-what?" He hissed. " You fucking tease." She giggled against his ear as he growled. " Payback's a bitch, isn't it, babe." She nipped his earlobe and chuckled at the deep moan that rumbled from his throat. Stepping away from him, her burst of energy slowly disappeared and what she just did finally began to set in as she made her way to her room to change into something more comfortable before plopping down on the couch. She just- with her best friend. Oh gawd, this was such a big mistake. Y/N knew this wasn't going to go well, they were both stubborn as Hell and would go through anything to avoid losing. This was going to be the most sexually frustrating week of her life. " Thinking about me again, Babe?" He slipped onto the couch, dangerously close to her and she internally groaned at how this would turn out. " Oh god, what did I just get myself into?" She groaned, hiding her face in her hands. A/N: This was just a little something I put together but I'm extremely nervous about it so please go easy on me, this is my first time writing 'this kind of story' and I feel very inexperienced. It was originally supposed to be a one-shot but I kept thinking about it and it might end up turning into a series. But probably not that many chapters, I don't write things that fast or well enough to keep this up for more than like, three chapters. Anyways, I hope you like it and I'll try to continue and update this story every chance I get! 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