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I have been tagged
Welp @AimeBolanos tagged me on the 100 day anime challenge and I shall start my first day wow.
As you can see Attack on Titan was the very first anime I have ever seen. Yup my first anime was gore how fitting for a girl am I right?
Anyways, this is my first day and I shall post my next day tomorrow so yea wish me luck cause it'll be hard to choose favorites for me.
xD I tagged you on a FTC (Fairy Tail Challenge) not the 100 days! TuT that's too much
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-.- oh.... Whoops 😅 oh well it's done now. I'll post the fairy tail challenge now XD @AimeBolanos
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@KageTsuki040910 xD thank you and sorry for the confusion
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@AimeBolanos it's fine and welcome
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