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I couldn't pick one so I decided to do two. My favorite support characters are Happy and Levy Mcgarden
I choose happy because I love how he's always there for Natsu and how he cares about him so much. It's so cute how they have this brother relationship I just love it.
I choose Levy because she's always there for Gajeel even when he doesn't want help she's always there to help him it's so freaken adorable. (MY FAVORITE SHIP BTW). And now for my tags... I don't know a lot of people so here I go. Tags- @arnelli @jealousshota & @Tylor619 sorry if you guys already have to do the challenge and sorry I only put two I couldn't remember how to spell the others 😅
@KageTsuki040910 BYE BYE as they say in the netherlands
@arnelli lol ok see ya
@KageTsuki040910 DAMM well ok im off
@arnelli well it is called a fairy tail challenge so yes it has to be Fairy Tail
@KageTsuki040910 P.s. does it have to be fairy tail or WAT
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