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Ch. 12
The next day at lunch with the group. Shin and Takuya sat next to each other and Seyoung and Yongseok sat across from each other and Casper and Sangmin sat next to each other.
“So guys you won’t believe what happened last night.” Seyoung said, he looked at Yongseok who was smiling.
“Oh I think we can guess can’t we guys?” Shin said with a wink at Seyoung, who bowed his head in embarrassment.
“Congrats man, now I can finally stop hearing Seyoung pine for you Yongseok.” Casper and Sangmin said almost in unison. The boys laugh.
“Yeah we’re together now.” Yongseok confirmed. Shin pretends to wipe a tear from his eye.
“My baby brother is growing up so fast.” Shin sniffles. Takuya pats his back, but is interrupted by his phone vibrating in his pocket. Takuya pulls out his phone and answers it.
“Hello? Hello?” Takuya pulls the phone from his ear and ends the call.
“Who was that?” Shin asked. Takuya shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t know no one said anything.” Takuya said as he placed the phone back in his pocket and continued eating and talking with his friends. They just shrugged it off as a wrong number. The rest of the day was pretty boring.
Takuya and Shin walked home together, Seyoung and Yongseok went to sing at the karaoke room again.
Takuya’s phone vibrates again, this time he looks at the caller ID, it’s an unknown number. He answers.
“Hello?” Takuya speaks.
“You haven’t changed your number, that’s good to know. But who’s your friend?” a voice on the other end asks. Takuya freezes and his breathing changes as he looks around for anyone who could be him. Shin stops after noticing Takuya isn’t keeping up with him anymore. Shin turns around to see Takuya distressed. Shin quickly runs to Takuya.
“Oh he notices your acting strange, have fun explaining why. I’ll see you soon.” The line cuts off. Takuya pulls his phone away and stuffs it quickly in his pocket.
“Takuya are you okay? Who was that on the phone?” Shin asks worried, wrapping his arm around Takuya’s shoulder, but Takuya shoves him off.
“I’ll talk to you later.” Takuya said and began running to his house. Shin looks after him confused and saddened that Takuya brushed him off and wouldn’t explain anything.
Shin walks home alone. He’s never seen Takuya like that it worried him. “I wonder who called him?”
I open the door to my house and walk in.
“Great honey your home.” Shin’s mother said.
“Hey, your back from your business trip? Where’s dad?” Shin asks.
“Oh he’s picking up dinner. I came home straight from the airport.” Shin’s mother replies. “Ah, where’s your brother, he’s not home yet?” She continues.
“Oh he’s out with a friend he’ll be home later.” Shin replies.
“You seem down is anything wrong?” Shin’s mother walks over to her son and places her hand on his forehead. “You don’t have a fever. That’s good.”
“I’m fine mom, just tired I’m going to take a shower and go to bed.” Shin said as he trudged up the stairs to his room.
I enter my room and drop my bag on the floor I walk over to the window to see if Takuya was in his room. His light was off. I pulled out my phone to check if he had messaged me but there was nothing.
I called Yongseok. “Hey, you need to come home, mom and dad are back. Bring Seyoung if you want.” I left a message on his phone.
I called Takuya but he didn’t answer, I was starting to get really worried. I was about to leave my room to head over to his house when my phone rings. I let out a sigh of relief and sat down on my bed.
“I’m sorry I took off like that.” Takuya apologized.
“What’s wrong, your scaring me.” I replied.
“I’m sorry for scaring you. But I wanted to let you know I won’t be in school tomorrow.” Takuya explained.
“What, why?” I asked him. He just dodges the questions.
“Could you bring my assignments I miss home?” Takuya asked.
“Yeah sure, okay, but what’s wrong?” I asked him.
“My mom is in the hospital so I won’t be going to school tomorrow.” Takuya explains.
“Is she okay, do you need me to come with you instead?” I asked him. Takuya sighs.
“No, it’s okay, she’s just over worked and the doctor just wanted to watch her overnight so. I’m sure things are okay.” Takuya tries to convince Shin, but Shin could hear in his voice that something wasn’t right. But Shin let it, figured Takuya had a reason.
“Okay just remember I’m here for you if you need me.” I said. Takuya hums his reply.
“Hey Takuya, I love you.” I said, it felt like I was telling him for the last time.
“I love you too Shin.” Takuya replied and ended the call. Takuya places the phone next to his chest tears running down his face, as he stood in the dark in his room he watched as Shin was getting ready for bed, he hated that he just lied to his boyfriend but he had to take care of something in order to continue his relationship with Shin.
Takuya’s POV
I watch Shin in the darkness of my room, tears running down my face. I hate lying and I hate lying to him. I recognized the voice as soon as he spoke. My father, apparently he’s come to Seoul.
“I will not have a son who is gay!” Takuya’s father punches him in the stomach. “You’re not a man, your scum, trash, not worth the air you breathe! Takuya’s father kicks him again in the stomach. Takuya curls into the fetal position holding his stomach.
“Please stop this, he’s your son, how can you say that to him.” Takuya’s mother pleaded for her husband to stop hurting their son.
“He’s not my son, he’s dead to me.” Takuya’s father walks out of the house slamming the door. Takuya’s mother rushes to her son.
“Can you get up? Let’s go to the hospital.” Takuya’s mother helps her son up and gets him into the car. They reach the hospital. “Help me please, my son he’s been hurt.” His mother is shouting at the nurses and anyone passing by.
“What happened to him?” The nurse asks Takuya’s mother, she looks at her son, he shakes his head.
“Ma’am what happened to your son?” The nurse asks again. Takuya’s mother looks at the nurse tears running down her face. “My husband punched and kicked him until he was bloody.” Takuya turned his head. “Mom please.” The doctor comes over and quickly looks Takuya over.
“Okay nurse, let’s get him into x-ray to see what’s going on.” And they take Takuya away, his mother let’s go of his hand. Another nurse comes by.
“Ma’am I need you to come with me.” The nurse wraps her arms around Takuya’s mother and walks her over to the nurse’s station.
*End flashback*
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i thought it was some crazy peeson from his past, its his father!!! why doesnt he just tell shin!!! i dont want takuya to disappear 😭😭