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Hello my Marvel and DC Communities (few others as well) I do not know if anyone has recieved this message in their personal inbox but if you did its a scam DO NOT give out your information online to anyone EVER! Please disregard the message and again do not share any of yours with anyone!

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YIKES. I didn't get this message, but that's crazy. Thanks for the heads up.
@danidee yup, that's why I figured to reach out to your community to give the heads up over there as well.
There also have been Craigslist ads and stuff floating around too. I report those right away. I don't want anyone to get caught in a trap especially little children
Oh yeah definitely. I try to report them as I see them too! Maybe we should make a card on how to report things like that to admin, hmm.
Thanks @LAVONYORK. We blocked the user a little over 16 hours ago and have had no further reports of phishing messages. We're removing the messages from Vingler inboxes to make sure no one falls victim to this scam.