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WOW.... *Shakes head and hids face* I totally just realized i didnt put chapter two of this fanfic up... I just went from chapter 1... straight to chapter 3.... my bad guys...

... ... ... Wow... I'm such a pabo! ... so.... you might wanna go back and see if this makes more sense... ...
"Out of everyone, why did it have to be her?" - Mark

Chapter Two

I watch as Mr. Kim's class enters into our own. Mrs. Lee instructs the students to take a seat at the empty desks. I look down at my lap to avoid eye contact. How is it that Mr. Kim was able to survive teaching a class full of trouble makers… Jackson, Mark, Jaebum, and even Nari… all in the same class. How am I going to survive?" I think to myself. Jaebum and Nari sit in the back off to my left, while Mark and Jackson sit right behind Minseo and I. I can already tell something was off, why all of a sudden were they looking at me? What did I do? Sure I accidently bumped into JB this morning, but he pushed me out of the way like it was no big deal. Before I know it everyone is leaving the class room and Minseo is waving her hand in front of my face. "Earth to Areum, are you going to eat at break or what?" she asks. I look at the clock, it's break time already? I have been in my own little world all morning and completely lost track of time. "Umm, yeah. I just need to go to my locker and get my food allowance. I'll meet you in the cafeteria." I reply. Minseo shakes her head in agreement and she heads toward the cafeteria. I make it to my locker, pull out my backpack, and get the money my mother left for me on the counter this morning. I close my locker and before I can start heading toward the cafeteria, someone's arm blocks my way. I look up to see who the arm belongs to. Jaebum. My eye's get big when I realize who it is, why did he follow me? Before I could say or do anything, he takes my lunch money out of my hand with his free hand and puts my money in his pocket. His face moves closer to mine, only a couple inches away. "I'll just take this money off your hands. I wouldn't want someone to try and take this money from a pretty girl like you." He says with a smirk. With that he pushes himself off the lockers and heads in the direction of the cafeteria. I stand dumb founded. What just happened? After a couple minutes of standing there I finally make my way to the cafeteria. I look around and find Minseo sitting down already with her food. I walk over to the table, sit down, and lay my head down on the table. Life hates me. I have no money, I'm hungry, and I really want to go home. *Plop* I pick my head up to see that a sandwich is sitting right in front of me. I look around and see Mark walking away from my table. Did he buy me this? Why would he? We haven't been friends for years now. *Mark's POV* "Pabo, why would you have your money all out in the open like that" I mutter under my breath. I watch as JB takes Areum's money from her hand and slips it into his pocket. Slap him! I find myself thinking to Areum. I shake my head and walk back to the cafeteria before JB sees me. I'm mad, and I know I have no reason to be mad. Before I know it I've already ordered her favorite kind of sandwich, turkey and swiss on italian bread with pickles and mayonnaise on the side. The way she liked it when we were little. *Flashback* "Mommy, me and Mark are hungry. Can you pllllleeease make us some yummies?" A 7 year old Areum asks her mother. "Of course sweetheart, I'll make you a sandwich just the way you like it. Mark, would you like a turkey sandwich also?" "Yes please." A young Mark answers. Mark watches as Areum's mom makes the sandwiches. "Why do you like mayonnaise and pickles on the side Areum?" Mark asks "My grandma use to eat her sandwiches just like this. Whenever I eat my sandwiches like this it makes me happy, and makes me feel close to her." Areum says with a bright smile. *_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_*.
Seriously guys.... my bad.... :(

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@ShailaZaman I probably spent a good 15 min trying to find chapter 2. There is another fan fiction out there that I swear is missing a chapter also. I've tried all kinds of searching for it and finally gave up does make more sense now.
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