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Pokèmon Go
I'm sure all of you are aware of what Pokèmon Go is. But for those who don't, it's an app where you travel around the world to find Pokèmon.
once you down load the app and open it up, and make your character it we show you a map. It interacts with your movements like a GPS map, where ever you're located it will show on your map that a Pokèmon is near by.
now there has been many weird places that a lot of people have found Pokemon
but in all Seriousness guys if you do have this app please, please please be aware of your surroundings because you can get hurt if you don't watch where you're going.
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I got a voltorb today and the bad thing is its special move is explode so I die and the opponent dies so it doesn't know who wins and glitches everytime
a year ago·Reply
not explode but self destructive
a year ago·Reply
strangely I have it don't play it
a year ago·Reply
@JabirAli dude you should totally put that thing in a gym
a year ago·Reply
Nearly level 18! Am i good or what
a year ago·Reply