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Uhmm I pick the white pill 😜 !
Um, imma go with the Red Pill BC I will still remember my friends and family and love them with all of my heart. And I still get to make new friends and have a family in the anime world so yeah Red Pill
red pill honesty. I don't belong in the real world
I'd rather have no emotions than die or not be able to watch anime and read manga saying that I'll be taking the White Pill please
DF WITH THE WHITE PILL!!?? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ENJOY BEING THERE AND GET MARRIED IF I CANT FEEL!? Red pill! And i can get my friends and fam to take the red pill as well so we can be together ouo)b @SymoneBelcher
Gotta go with the red pill. My best friend and I can meet up again in the anime world and become friends again so it's all good
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