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If you can understand Korean, here's the video of him answering questions at a fansign!

Personally, I can't get into Tarantino movies (too bloody) but I LOVE Inception.

Who else loves Yoongi's taste in movies?

inception will always and forever be a great movie. I watched way more than 10 times though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love movies that make you have to think ahead
I love Four Rooms by Tarantino. Shit is hilarious. Pulp fiction was good. Reservoir Dogs was hard to stick with to the end. Anyway, would love to watch movies with him lol I agree with him, I hate minions. Fuckers are everywhere. Have their own damn graham crackers....I'm sick of looking at them and their stupid yellow faces and big eyes. I whisper words of disdain at them often under my breath. Sorry, I work at a store and have to look at them all over the grocery section XD this went from a Suga comment to a minion hate speech lol
yoongi you're my sugabunny his love for Tarantino movies has made me a happy fan girl.
I liked inception for my wirld lif class we watched it, it had been awhile since i had seen it and I understood it more. At the end of the year we could pick any book or movie we wanted to write a 5 page paper on. I picked inception and I had wrote a lot of intense things about it. It's a good movie.
I love animated films but minions was not one of my favorites. It's odd because I love minnions. It just wasn't as good as Despicable Me. I like action but not too much blood. Inception is one of my favorite movies.
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