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Simon was slayin it on the stage as he perform with DJ Pumkin. Seonghwa had come to join us a half hour later. He claim he was staying behind a bit longer cause he wanted to do some editing.
I felt like he was full of it, and was just trying to set us up to be alone. It back fired anyway too, because that was the most awkward car right I ever drove. I waited for them at the stairs in the back of the stage.
Allowing me to watch the performance, while protecting them at the same time. My job had some amazing perks, except for that fact that Simon and I weren't meshing well. He barely had anything to talk about, and when he try to break the silents.
He would do something that made me blush, and shut up. Its not like I don't like hanging out with guys, but I'm normally that tomboy girl that is stuck in friend-zone. So when it came to knowing the difference between friendliness and flirting.
That was a total and complete blur-line for me. Making it hard for me to get close to someone I am attracted towards. I just hope it didn't bother Simon too much, that I was acting like this.
He hasn't said anything about it, but it still was my first day as his manager. Well second day, since it was already pass midnight now. My phone made a noise, which broke me out of the trance that Simon's performance had on me.
I looked to see it was a text message. 'Hey, can you get me a drink from the bar.' It then ping again, and this time he gave me the name of the drink he wanted. Basically Simon wanted to drink some liquor tonight.
I sighed heavily before going to the bar in the club they were performing in. When I came back with his drink, He was already off the stage. "Oh you got it, thanks." He skip over to me, out of breath, and took hold of the alcohol.
I looked around and noticed they were all drinking now. Even their managers, which concern me. I checked everyone's schedule and noticed they didn't have any activities until the afternoon.
Yet, it still didn't ease my worries I had over them. "Lala! Why don't you join us and drink?" Jay invited me, but I just didn't fell that comfortable drinking with them. I'm a really big light weight, and I only like to drink with family or someone I trust with my life. "Nah, I'm good, but take a shot for me." He pouted, but then turned around to pour a shot.
Jay then came over to me and held it out for me to take. "Come on, just one shot. It won't hurt. We not only celebrating a great performance, but a new member of their family."
I knew he was talking about me, but I stared at the shot glass. I didn't want to be rude but I really didn't want to drink. A hand took it from Jay, and chugged it back. "Oh snap, look at Simon hyung, behind Lala's black knight."
I glance up at Simon, who was the one that took the shot for me. "Well of course, you can see she's not used to being around us. So why should she feel comfortable drink, especially when you're pier-pressuring her."
Simon called Jay out on his actions, and Jay just pouted. "Sorry Lala, didn't mean to make you feel pressure. Please, take your time getting comfortable with us. We're all really cool and lay back, once you know us."
I gave a weak smile and nodded my head. Jay went back over to the table of boozes, whilst I looked over at Simon. He patted my head and gave me the most warm smile, that made me feel butterflies.
"Don't worry, I got your back Lala. Just like I know you'll have mine." With that said, he winked, and went to join Jay. I couldn't help but watch them all party, as I held up the wall. Elo join me though, making me feel a little more comfortable.
I smiled as we both looked at each other. He raise his drink to signal he acknowledge me. Simon drunkenly made his way towards me, and lean against the wall, so it could hold him up.
I turned to him and touched touch his face to check his temperature. He smiled and kissed my hand, before taking mine in his own hand. "Lala, I think its time we go home." He had this twisted smirk along his lips, as he seem to pull me close.
I pulled away, and was about to speak when another woman took hold of his arm. "Oppa, why don't you come and play with me tonight." This woman was dress so revealing that I was surprised her butt and boobs weren't popping out.
She was even wearing way to much make up, that you could simply peal it off her face. He grinned and turn towards her happily. I felt like something inside of me was twisting and making me sick.
I didn't know if I should let this happen or not. Normally in my company I was suppose to stop it, cause this other person could damage our talents reputation. But this was a totally different company.
Plus he was a CEO himself, so things could be done differently. The woman basically threw herself at him, as accepted it all drunkenly. I was worry about him, but he as grown too. What on earth was I suppose to do at this moment.
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