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Learning How to Say "Already"

Explaining yourself in Korean is hard, but this word helps a lot!

이미 - Already

Similar to 벌써 (beol-sseo) but more immediate. Like, just now I already did it whereas beol-sseo could be longer ago...

Listen at 0:58

이미 이미 눈 앞에

It's already already in front of your eyes

이미 주문했어요 - I already ordered

(i-mi joo-moon-hae-sseo-yo)

이미 했어요 - I already did it

(i-mi hae-sseo-yo)
Thank you so much for constantly posting these! Everytime I watch dramas or listen to k-pop, I find a set of words that I hear a lot and really want to find out~ And somehow you always manage to make a card about everyone of them before I can even look it up! It is sooooo helpful & I am very grateful ^^
Thank you! This is good to know.
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