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아주 vs 너무: Do You Know The Difference?

너무 and 아주, they both mean "Very or Too" but when do you use them?!

Teeeeeeechnically 너무 should be used with negative adjectives like "Too cold" or "too loud" but its often used now with positive things like "too pretty" or "I like you too much."

But 아주 is always always with positive things^^

아주 NICE!

(a-joo nice!)

You're very nice, really nice, soooo nice, super nice :D

너무 예뻐

(neo-mu yyeh-ppeo)

You're too pretty, way waaay too pretty, dangerously pretty, super pretty :D

For negatives, you'd never say:

"아주 아파"

(a-joo a-pa)

You'd say 너무 아파 (neo-mu a-pa) because pain is a negative thing!

So basically remember:



너무 - Supposed to be negative but can be used in both cases :)

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wow thanks!
a year ago·Reply
So 너무 is used for pretty in like a playful way? Like you're too pretty, it's hurting me but I'm joking?
a year ago·Reply
@SunnaWalo yes! same with 너무 좋아 (i REALLY like it!)
a year ago·Reply
is "hungry" negative or positive?
a year ago·Reply
Ahhh this is so helpful!!!! Thank you!!!!
a year ago·Reply