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Most people know Kyary for her PONPONPON song that went viral, but she has so many other hits!

Below are five of my favorite songs by Kyary :3


"It's okay to keep popping out
If you do nothing, it gets boring, doesn't it?
I put on my headphones and let myself get lost in the rhythm
Way, way, then I create my own road to follow"

Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring

"Goodbye teacher, my friends
Thank you and give me courage
My dream starts here in my own room, this is the beginning-ring-ring"


"How I see the star depends on the angle of my mind."


"I’ve got some in my desk, and my pocket, and my bag too
I never forget to have some with me. What shall I pick?
Just having a little bit, just a little, just a little, makes me so happy
And the sweet smell of it lingers lightly without being too strong"

Miracle Orange

"In my dreams, the distance between you and me
As we dance back and forth from each other is 100 centimeters more
I take a huge step forward
Cast a spell, and run barefoot
I’d go anywhere to see you
I’m not scared, this power
Is a miracle power"

I just love Kyary as a person too, she's so great!

Anyone else like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?

Tagging my Jpop lovelies!
I really like Candy Candy but I also like Ninjari Bang Bang! And she does have just the best personality, I watched that suprise interview she had with Katy Perry and she was so sweet and happy I love her!
I've had her most recent song stuck in my head Sai & Ko I think it's called :D
I love Kyary! My fave song is tsukematsukeru.
I've always loved PonPonPon, it's so catchy and the mv is so random yet fun and colorful!
mostly all of them
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