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We're way into summer so this week's the Bulletproof Team will be sharing our ideas of a perfect trip with our BTS bias ^.^

A summer trip with Jin? What kind of fun can you expect?


You would start off in South Korea and hit all the busy streets of Seoul tasting the many street foods and restaurants they have to offer. Also Japan has a lot of themed cafés so that'll definitely be a must to visit!! Honestly Jin would probably know all the best places so you would leave it totally in his hands.


To make sure to capture every moment of the trip he would take pictures frequently. They would mostly be selcas though because nothing is more memorable than his face. He would also take couple photos with you too from time to time.

GUARANTEED PRIVACY *cough* looking at some ARMYs *cough*

This would always be a top priority for him since you're with him. He wouldn't want to put you in a awkward position like that and would take any precautions possible. Even disguising himself which he would dislike but would still do because he loves you that much.

Romantic Times Ahead!!

Look forward to possibly awkward but romantic moments with this pink prince. He isn't the one to be so blunt with stuff like this so he would end up watching you very closely and whenever something caught your eye he wouldn't hesitate to ask you if you wanted it and buy it. So you would basically end up being spoiled. But as long as he got a kiss then he wouldn't mind.

Would you go on a trip with Jin??

Oh man this was so cute, I would go with Jin in a heartbeat!
jin jin is my husband of course I would go on a trip with my pink princess lol 😍😍😍😍😍😍