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Miura Haruma.

I first fell in love with him when he showed up in all my J-Star magazines I bought looking for stuff about Johnny's Entertainment.

Then, I saw Koizora and REALLY fell in love.

Born in 1990 in Tokyo, Miura started acting when he was 7 years old and hasn't stopped since!

He's best known for his roles in Gokusen 3, Koizora, and Bloody Monday :D

He also used to be in a Jpop group called Brash Brats and sings in musicals now!

He's also just the cutest thing ever and I still love him to bits!

(his beauty marks are my LIFE)

Does anyone else love Miura Haruma?

Okay! Miura just became my bias actor for Japanese dramas! Thank you for bringing this to my attention! @kpopandkimchi
Let me say that this Ikemen is my life. Okay, as much as I love attack on Titan, I watched the live action mainly because he played Eren. He's been like my crush for like two or three years now. Last Cinderella was wow
Samurai high school and last Cinderella
I've only watched him in Last Cinderella
OMG YES!!!! I cried when I watched Koizora I fell for him when I saw Last Cinderella. He's just so adorable
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