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This Is Always The Problem...

..But who cares what people think because our boys are really the best!! ♡♡

It makes them weird cause they dont speak english? does not speaking a language make someone weird? If thats the case then isnt the commenter weird too? for not speaking korean...
I don't really care what people think I love those dorks💜😁😄
Yeah lol certain family members of mine used to attack me for liking kpop and would always pull the "you dont even understand korean" card, but thanks to vingle fam, and a few friends of mine i learned to just ignore them and be happy and proud of what i like 😊 @adikiller
@PolarStarr yea thats what im saying. I wasnt talking about BangTanSoNyeonDan, but to whomever that comment was written for.
Yeah people will never get the concept of "music has no language barriers" But i feel that music in any language is universal, For example.. millions of people around the world listen to American music but dont speak english. And the commenter was pointing out that just because people dont understand a certain language (Korean in this instance) doesnt make music (kpop) weird. And in this circumstance BTS's music is poetry no matter what language its in. 😊@adikiller
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