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Pairing: Shownu/Reader Genre: Angst-Fluff?? ~My first of many oneshots for Team Shownu. Yay for being late!!! Please expect a lot more of these soon ❤
There were instances where you doubted the choice of dating an idol. With busy schedules and no free time, face to face interaction was like a fantasy. At times it even made you wonder how you two even established a relationship at all. It was definitely something you never foresaw because of your fear. It wasn't a fear of commitment or anything like that but in fact something fairly simple. You had a fear of love. The word alone made your palms sweat and insides twist. You were used to a life of solitude. Emotionless, empty, and alone. It was all you ever knew and you were fine with that. At least that's what you told yourself. But did you actually believe yourself? You let your tear stained pillow and pained heart answer for you. Yes, it was this fear that usually kept you away from any sort of contact that would cause love. This was sadly the story of your life. You lived in constant fear for the longest despite your yearning heart for a love. But what was the saying again? Ah, yes... All good things come in time. It was like an entirely new experience. Whenever someone asked you what it was like when you first met him you could only smile. Words couldn't describe that moment. When you two locked eyes at his group's was a feeling you've dreaded experiencing your whole life. It was love. Sweet, blissful love that you would have never thought you would allow to enter your life. Time seemed to stop as you both froze staring at each other until you gazed at the floor, the intensity of his stare becoming too much for you. You never could remember how long you stayed like that as you waited for your heart to calm down. When you finally did raise your head you were met with his beautiful face. It was scrunched up in worry which only made him more adorable. "Are you okay? You look sick." His voice was rich and deep that sent shivers up your spine as his hands found your own. You didn't...couldn't answer as your mind raced. "I'm okay. Uh...umm..." You trailed off blushing noticing he still hadn't let go of your hands. He smiled again and your heart jumped once again as he scratched the back of his head making his biceps flex. Then you saw it. The subtle, yet blatant nervousness in his eyes. But why would he be nervous in front of someone like you? "Sorry. You provably feel really awkward right now. I...just...umm sorry." In that moment you wanted nothing more to let him hold you. To tell him you didn't feel awkward at all but in fact the exact opposite. For some reason you felt comfortable in his presence. As long as you were together there was no place that you would rather be. But terror gripped your face, the possibility of being alone stopping your voice. But he seemed to figure all this out and without hesitation pulled you close to him whispering that he understand. And after hearing that for so long from so many people who didn't really understand at all you thought you would never believe anyone ever again. But as you wrapped your shaking arms around him and felt both of your hearts beating in sync you knew this time it was different. It was love. He was the perfect one. He was the one that made you conquer your fear. He was the one that showed you how wonderful love could be. You sometimes laughed at the way you were back then. Before you met him. The one who changed you. The one and only Shownu.

Hope you enjoyed reading ^.^

i loved it 💙💙
oh I'm so happy about the ending I was getting scared that I was gonna cry cause shownu went and fcked up. He was a good boy lol 😁😁😁😂😂