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I usually avoid watching weekdays drama because it's lengthy. Most of the time series with 80 episodes tend to get too repetitive and the storyline between the main cast could get boring. Recently, I saw a preview of Better Man (2016) and a scene caught my attention. I decided to watch it and it was better than expected.
The storyline is light-hearted and funny. It involves the Yang brothers and their journey in life. You can read the entire synopsis on wiki. The plot is not draggy and given there are multiple storylines, the 80 episode will not be a problem. At least not now. I really like that fact each couple has their own style of chemistry. It's the most heartwarming drama I've seen so far and I really like the brotherhood and sisterhood portrayed by the characters.

Couple 1:

Yang Zhen Wen is the eldest son of the Yang family, a 40-year-old bachelor who's a workaholic. He's a mature and earnest man with little experience in relationship. Those around him thinks he's into men but after meeting Wu Yi Xin, he opens up.

Couple 2:

Yang Zhen Hao is the middle brother who works in the entertainment industry with a side job as a fitness trainer. He's carefree and has a superb memory. He has never dated or care for about dating until he met Wu Yi An, a nurse who is poor at sports.

Couple 3:

Yang Zhen Kain is the youngest brother who's a perfectionist. He is meticulous, straightforward and sometimes can hurt other people's feeling without knowing. His perfect world turns upside down when his father appoints him as the CEO of the company, where he meets Yao You Zhen, a woman he can't stop bickering with.
Give this drama a try!
@Aripendragon I can see what you mean the first couple of episodes might be a bit bland in comparison to the shorter series. There are some scenes I actually fast forward to minimize view time. lol
I've started seeing that drama but it was too much for me! Like it just didn't stir my pot you know?