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Shinee is taking over...

well it was only a matter of time till I saw the light. I used to not get the big deal about Shinee....everyone always made a huge deal about them but I always brushed them off...well now I'm swallowing my words...BIG TIME
now I've sold my soul to yet ANOTHER group....nice knowing you......
hehe, their devils I tell ya, steamy, sexy beautiful devils..
@AubriePope Key is my UB followed by Jonghyun, Onew, Tamin, then Minho
@AmberRelynn *sigh* I thought that would be the case
Hello, welcome to the Shinee world. Enjoy your stay because you're not leaving. I've been with these amazing, dorks for so long and I don't regret any of it :)
@merryjayne13 I cant seem to pick a fav's either jonghyun, minho, or taemin.....
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