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[EVENT!] Nakama Intro Week
Hey Nakama!!
Me and the anime support team (@KokoroNoTakara @PASCUASIO @ctsr1 @KageTsuki040910 @LorettaHon @jealousshota) are excited to announce the first community event we'll be putting on!!!

Nakama Introduction Week!

While many of us know each other on here, there's a lot of people we haven't got the chance to learn more about, so the goal of this week is to learn more about all the awesome people in our Nakama here on Vingle XD
Each day for the next week, there is a challenge!! Post a card with your own response. Then, check out other people's cards & meet other people who dig the same things you do!! This way, we can all get closer XD

Event starts today, Monday the 11th!!!!

Monday: Who are you & why did you pick your username?
Tuesday: Which anime character(s) are you like?
Wednesday: What other hobbies do you have? (besides anime!!)
Thursday: If you could be reincarnated into any anime character, who would it be and why?
Friday: What OP/ED would be your anime theme song?
Saturday: Who would be your anime rival / enemy?
Sunday: Who would be your life companion?

I'll clip all posts made for this event into this collection!

Event starts today, Monday the 11th!!!!

You can do days late if you need to , don't worry about it!!!! Do it at any time :)

Let's get closer, Nakama!!!

Tagging some nakama here - tag more friends in the comments so we can all do this <3
@bhattabhi28 @AyansakuraBloss @DevilsSon @CrystalBlunt @TracyDeCamp @MissStrawberry @LorettaHon @Christinalatte @BobbieStinson @MoisEsGaray @JosiahQuick @Mikazuki1 @EmilyPeacock @micahirene @mayarich03 @AstonMiller @RogueLeigh @funspot @IvanHusak @aiaconcarne @SimoneSanders @Anime18828 @StevenFick @MichaelLi @Gracielou0717 @KatlnnRotato @AngelesFraga @watermage @Karina19 @culversyanne SunnyMing94 @jealousshota @breannemma12 @Shinoa143 @JimenaChiquito @TheRedWolf35 @BabydollBre @mikkako @BelleofRay @eliza1 @neoncrysis @fallinangel2017 @katharineknogge @Bestfluteever @in4mtoxic006 @nick2232 @delaunross @AmyRGarcia @Tylor619 @AlexisUlloa @KurosakiJess @ChienWeiHuang @faithharmer56 @Stevenb1990 @AwsomeCarp @DavidHolbrook @AverageJoeGamer @TylerCassalata @melineptune @TylerCinamella @Konsutansu @KaminariHana @BlackoutZJ @JustinDiaz @NikkoNikole @SpencerCuate @SeoInHan @Franz115 @acduelest @tallpinoy @Alcides13 @deeeDUH @animerg13 @raikage00 @AloraGrimm @AntaresBohanon @Djcamo143 @PASCUASIO @AprilNapier @StarRainTearBow @otakufangirl @NinjaMouse @Shiskra @neevp @gabbycalzada @Riethu @JoseYzaguirre @AutmnWinds @WillowSato @xxreacti0nxx @ZephyrBlaze @TheDumDumTroll @Fromtheheart @lordeath666jp @BrandyJones @JesceniaMata @biancadanica98 @Miichi @LateefMolette @YumiMiyazaki @Banezir @KevenTheHyooman @TyrinGoncalves @wollivierre @T0R1L @Leolaring @Chromias @rhanes @Chokomoca @HiwaRasul @JamiTaylor @TaehyungV @birsp @DomenicNardella @kell13 @DeaconPeck @crichard94 @ChristianShedri @Priscillasdoor @thunder1254 @LCordz @CoraBost @KageTsuki040910 @phantomkidkaito @Tamaki1618 @AshleyPatterson @MimmiBumble01 @QBDaBest @GuacheSuede @ynah2002 @YuiKurata @pirateking47 @NeckoNecko @otakukpoper @TarinRoberts @BrookeVerel @Animefreak484 @AngelMartinez1 @ErickEpenesa @mymi @FelipeZambrano @MikeyJBenedict@Majestical @mufasapetersen @GeovanyAguilar @ErzaAsuka @hannah769 @SimplyAwkward @MeliOliveros @JessicaChaney @Lisanna10 @KassiIverson @KarinaRaygoza @JaredWestbrook @BlackDragon88 @normabm7 @KiNg4LiFe @CrazyOtaku3 @SymoneBelcher @SugaMint @ClaudeFaustas @AlexBuzgoi @VilzNotFromDBS @AimeBolanos @Scrltrose @reaper412 @Kristinrenee92 @JaredDaigre @MiyukiKawaii @nimm14 @TheInsaneNeko @Vastolorde09 @Nyan @KrisTheFreak @netchtiBates @arnelli @beautifulnia @JaredBryant @Bluenekomoon @YiselRamos @AlisonGrace @Silverfang @JackiStyles @Ninjinuity @CandyApple22 @AdrianDean @OtakuDemon10 @snowgirl18 @JanetNguyen @AdamDean @AnimeNerdie
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@hikaymm yeah I know haha
a year agoReply
i was late making a card as well馃槬
a year agoReply
@hanetama here it is馃槈
a year agoReply
I'll take a crack at it. I haven't even made a card yet at all. XD
a year agoReply
@OtakuDemon10 thanks!!!
a year agoReply