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Growing up in the generation of movies like 'It' and 'Child's Play', I think it's safe to say that we're creeped out by toys, clowns, and children's characters more than ever before.
One of the most popular of the cute-but-creepy characters is Sesame Street's Elmo, who has been sufficiently making us uncomfortable ever since he started asking for tickles.

But what other kids' characters did you find creepy? It could be something you thought then or realized once you were older.

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The guy with the mop on his head on Yo Gabba Gabba. I just ...no...but I adore Elmo and don't get me started on Oscar the Grouch. My faves.
Gumby, the California Raisins, Wallace and Gromit it and most other claymation...I had bizarre nightmares in claymation. I don't know why claymation disturbed me so, but I found it strange when I fell in love with Nightmare Before Christmas because I was so disturbed by such stop motion things. I also didn't like shows like Ren & Stimpy or Beavis & Butthead because of similarities to the claymation that bothered me.
I thought Barney was creepy when I was a kid. I never liked him and I got even more traumatized when my parents hired him to appear at one of my Birthday Parties when I was a kid, I was more terrified of him after that Party.
I don't think I ever really enjoyed Barney's shows. The stories also didn't make sense to me either. It also never even occurred to me he was a dinosaur. He was just some big purple dude that was always singing.