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who's would you choose?? someone wanted me to do Monsta x so here it is sorry if i made some mistakes its late and i just made it along with VIXX and GOT7 phone calls if i get any of the members mixxed up or the names are funny sorry i decided to call them that haha so yea some of the names i googled up so yea haha please no harm done thank you~ hope you enjoy now comment below who's phone call you would choose only one member
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Ok, so I still can't decide who I like more between the two, but when it comes to a phone call, I think I'd prefer to get one from I.M, it'd be awkward talking to either one on the phone I feel, but I think the type of awkwardness would be different and that I'd prefer the awkwardness of a phone call with I.M
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jooheon my honey!!!
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