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Summer strawberries are unbelievable. They're juicy, sweet, and incredibly moreish. And if you're not quite convinced, try this version of strawberries and cream. A bit of fresh mint infuses into the cream before it gets whipped. The whipped cream elevates the best strawberries to something even better, and you have more than "just fruit" for dessert (or breakfast). Recipe for strawberries and mint cream here.
Strawberries and cream is one of my favorite desserts! My mom was a nutritionist and berries and cream would always be our bowl of ice cream equivalent lol. This would be good piled onto a waffle instead of syrup and butter too!
@danidee your mom sounds like a smart lady; all the tastiness, but less sugar! and ungh now i'm craving waffles lol.
I'm still craving fresh mint-infused cream!
@danidee it's a sign (; it takes time to let it steep but it's so easy once that's done