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How Was Your Weekend?

Well, my weekend sure was exciting!

My friend got heat exhaustion so I had to call an ambulance and be with her in the hospital while she got blood work and an IV to get her back to being healthy again. She is getting better but she's still pretty weak :(

But we got to see Finding Dory so all is well :D

My boyfriend was sick too so I am just going to be resting the rest of the weekend making sure all my people are healthy and safe!

Hope everyone else had a safe, happy weekend.

What did YOU do?!

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@JessicaChaney boo sewage but YAY CONCERT! I havent been to a live show in ages, who'd you see!?
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It was hosted by a Denver radio station called 93.3 and the concert was called The Big Gig which has a line up of 6 bands the bands were The Unlikely Candidates, Vinyl Theatre, MisterWives, X Ambassadors, Young the Giant, and Cage the Elephant. @SavioMenezes
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@SunnaWalo I started young. like wo yes ago young (currently 22). not much but as I got older, I drank more and more. I spent my whole freshman yr in college drinking with my best friends on thenweekends. hell I went to class on Monday with LQ in my system. grew out of the habbit my 3l2nd yr but still drank every other week. kinda just added a week of not drinking each school yr.
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@iixel I think so to actually. thankfully there's no actual purge.
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Went bowling, played at the arcade and has pancakes for dinner. Sounds like someone's weekend from 30 years ago
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