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How Was Your Weekend?

Well, my weekend sure was exciting!

My friend got heat exhaustion so I had to call an ambulance and be with her in the hospital while she got blood work and an IV to get her back to being healthy again. She is getting better but she's still pretty weak :(

But we got to see Finding Dory so all is well :D

My boyfriend was sick too so I am just going to be resting the rest of the weekend making sure all my people are healthy and safe!

Hope everyone else had a safe, happy weekend.

What did YOU do?!

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it was pretty good i got promoted to a btter position at my job :)
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@sophiamor im making a community challenge for the manga community
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I went to a hole in the restaurant called Luci and it was very good馃槃 and I used pokemon go for the first time and it was fun.
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I had work on Saturday but it wasn't as bad as usual haha and I just got a new game so I played a bit of that and I started preparing for a long awaited vacation that my family and I are going on next weekend.
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I slept, watched Your Lie in April, Instagram, Vingle, Vingle Anime, and watched YouTube
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