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Hey everyone…
Soon due to some issues, I may not be on here as often and my stories my take a while, but don't worry I haven't forgotten about you all and the story. I will keep writing when I have time and post it whenever I get the chance.
I have over 100 notifications that I need to got through and make some cards, but it's really hard right now. So much is going on. I have family issues that is going to take a VERY LONG TIME to get resolved/ fix, I have college coming up soon, I have work and a WHOLE LOT more…sigh TT-TT
I've been so stressed out and on top of that I can't sleep well. I have insomnia and always have nightmares… grrrr… I love sleep…I really do, but it don't love me!!! WAE!!!!!!
For those who have read my story, I'm hoping to have Chapter 4 done and ready by, at least, next Sunday the 17th the latest. I know it's kind of long, but with everything going on, I've barely anytime to do anything. I have, since 2-3 weeks ago, just gotten on my computer, watched tv, read a book or drawn anything.
Some people may already know this. My K-Monsta squad know.
OH! On a more happy note!
I WENT TO GOT7 Fly Concert in Dallas, Tx!!! One of the happiest moments of my life! I met some friends and I got to see GOT7!!! It was amazing! I also fainted from the heat which was the only not so good part lol. but I'm okay now. MY FIRST CONCERT EVER!!!!!!! I wish to go back and see them and my friends again… oh well…
So that's it for now! Hope to see you all soon!
Bye bye! PEACE!
Until Next Time!!
~L out!
*if you do not wish to be tag please let me know*
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SLEEP WOMAN! Te digo niña pero no me escuchas...the girls worry so please sleep for us! I won't be as worried
don't worry we are always here for you. Take time for yourself so you can get everything figured out. love you and please try and get some rest 💙💙😴😴
love you! @MYAlpha 💜 get some rest!
GUUUUYS!! You all make me want to cry and what's making it worse is that I am reading your comments with sad music in the background!! TT-TT Thank you! Gracias! Love you all! I will try!
@MYAlpha Awe~ but please take care!