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Hey everyone…
Soon due to some issues, I may not be on here as often and my stories my take a while, but don't worry I haven't forgotten about you all and the story. I will keep writing when I have time and post it whenever I get the chance.
I have over 100 notifications that I need to got through and make some cards, but it's really hard right now. So much is going on. I have family issues that is going to take a VERY LONG TIME to get resolved/ fix, I have college coming up soon, I have work and a WHOLE LOT more…sigh TT-TT
I've been so stressed out and on top of that I can't sleep well. I have insomnia and always have nightmares… grrrr… I love sleep…I really do, but it don't love me!!! WAE!!!!!!
For those who have read my story, I'm hoping to have Chapter 4 done and ready by, at least, next Sunday the 17th the latest. I know it's kind of long, but with everything going on, I've barely anytime to do anything. I have, since 2-3 weeks ago, just gotten on my computer, watched tv, read a book or drawn anything.
Some people may already know this. My K-Monsta squad know.
OH! On a more happy note!
I WENT TO GOT7 Fly Concert in Dallas, Tx!!! One of the happiest moments of my life! I met some friends and I got to see GOT7!!! It was amazing! I also fainted from the heat which was the only not so good part lol. but I'm okay now. MY FIRST CONCERT EVER!!!!!!! I wish to go back and see them and my friends again… oh well…
So that's it for now! Hope to see you all soon!
Bye bye! PEACE!
Until Next Time!!
~L out!
*if you do not wish to be tag please let me know*
GUUUUYS!! You all make me want to cry and what's making it worse is that I am reading your comments with sad music in the background!! TT-TT Thank you! Gracias! Love you all! I will try!
SLEEP WOMAN! Te digo niña pero no me escuchas...the girls worry so please sleep for us! I won't be as worried
@MYAlpha Awe~ but please take care!
love you! @MYAlpha 💜 get some rest!
don't worry we are always here for you. Take time for yourself so you can get everything figured out. love you and please try and get some rest 💙💙😴😴
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