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Apricot Melon Basil Popsicles
These popsicles have four ingredients: cucumber, apricot, watermelon and basil. Fresh and fruity, they're perfect for a sweet treat that still feels healthy enough that you're allowed to have dessert later.
Oh my god I want to make this and then I want to add Tajin.
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@danidee oooh. would have never thought of that but do it!! and then come back and tell me how it is :3
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I shall. I'm glad you suggested dixie cups because I was probably just going to use a large ice tray or something. Dixie cups are much more generous than my idea lol.
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and dixie cups have a lot prettier shape than ice cubes when it comes to popsicles lol
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@hmfong Hahaha they sure do.
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