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The last time I wrote about my favorite magic in Fairy Tail, I chose Celestial Magic, so this time around I'm going to choose another type of magic I really like: Letter Magic!
More specifically....

Dark Écriture

Known to me through Freed, I really have found this type of magic interesting and powerful from the very beginning. It almost feels limitless in it's possibilities, though of course strong mages can over come it. But, to do so, they have to slow down & take time to brake what's been written, and I think that makes this type of power so strong & interesting! I also like that you have to be intelligent to wield this type of magic, and the more you learn the more you can do with it!
It's so versatile, too, so I wouldn't feel conflicted in choosing it as my magic type if I had the chance! Of course, I still might choose celestial powers if I had the option XD
I love freed!❤ and anyway I like Lucy's magic
I would like Heavenly Body Magic for sure