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Mature content warning. Fairly smutty, this is only my second story so far, the ending is rushed because its late but i still hope you enjoy!
We're fucking. Hard. Pressed against the bathroom door. She's finally mine. Reveling in her, the feel of her, her scent, her taste. Fisting my hand into her hair, holding her in place. Arm under her ass, her legs wrapped tightly around my waist. Her body draped around me like fine silk. Hands pulling at my hair. Yes, fuck yes. This is where i want to be.....inside her. She's mine. All mine. Only mine. Her walls are tightening as she comes. Clenching around me, her head thrown back. Come on baby, come for me! She cries out and i follow, burying myself deep inside her. Yes, so beautiful, so sweet. She smiles at me, sleepy, sated, and oh so sexy. She takes a step backwards, i grab her and we are in the bedroom. laying on the bed she beckons me forward. Step by step, my desire growing more. I reach out to stroke her perfect, soft skin and she disappears. I hear a banging. My eyes open and my ceiling floods into view. Fuck, it was just a dream.
"Hey. Hyung, Y/N is here early to head to the gym. Its Wonho at my door.
"Ill be out in a minute" I finally realize the uncomfortable feeling in my shorts and look down. Damn a few more minutes and i may have exploded. Hell, I still might just watching her at the gym today. These thoughts do nothing to curb my excitement. Walk. Pace.Walk and pace. Think about something else. Anything else. It seems to work well enough for me to change and go out to greet her.
"Oppa" She flings her arms around me, hugging me tightly. "I missed you last time at the gym, Im glad you're feeling better." Sick....right. After that drunk kiss i couldn't look at her without wanting her underneath me. Its still hard to look at her.
We've only been at the gym for 42 minutes and its hell so far. Having her sit so close to me on the way here was bad enough. All i could smell was her intoxicating scent. Now i cant keep my eyes off of her. Her legs push the weights, and lean muscles contract. Come wrap those legs around me, let me make them tremble.
My arms ache. How long have i been lifting these weights? She stands up and gives me a big encouraging smile as she turns to walk to her next task. Look at that perfect ass, those hips swaying. I can just picture her on my lap, gripping her ass....her hips rocking us both to our highs.
Fuck come on Hyunwoo. Get it together, you're her best friend. One drunk kiss doesn't mean she likes you. Alright lets gets this workout over and done with, i cant handle much more for today.
*sigh* that was a tough one. Now home time. Alone time. Maybe some personal "fun" time? Just as i exit the locker room i see her waiting. A bright smile as soon as her eyes find me.
"Hey oppa. i was wondering if you could help me with something" She is nervous. I know she hates asking for help but i could never deny her.
"Of course, What is it?" Anything you need, ill always be there.
"Well i just got a new bed and frame and was wondering if you could help me put it together?" Can i help you break it in too? Damn, enough with the dirty thoughts. "Ill even make you lunch" she blurts out.
"Haha sure, as long as i get to use the red cup" her favorite one.
"Deal!" she jumps and smiles even wider than before.
20 minutes later and we're at her apartment. Another 45 after that and we finally get the bed assembled. I plop down on the couch as she goes to check the food.
"It smells delici..." Where did she go? I search the immediate area and she is nowhere in sight. Maybe fixing the blankets on her bed? Ill go help.
I walk through the door to see her with nothing but light blue panties on. They shape and hug her ass perfectly. She is frozen. "ummm...i" My voice grows husky with want and my jeans are becoming extremely uncomfortable. I can't resist it any more. Stepping forward my lips meet hers, my hands tangled in her hair. Her hands wrap around my neck and she kisses back. She kisses back! I pull away and see desire in her eyes, desire to match my own.
Picking her up we are on her bed. Soft hands in my hair pulling me to her lips once more. Releasing they travel down my shoulders and back, pulling at my shirt. Our lips part only for an instant as the shirt slides past. Its off and gone before i know it. Her hands are at the button of my jeans next. Stopping her i pull away.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, oppa. Yes.....Please" She is begging me, i can't believe it. Her fingers are swiftly undoing the button and zipper. Pulling away once more i sit up to pull my jeans down. Kneeling in front of me her lips are on my neck. I cant suppress my groans. "I need" she whines into my neck.
Jeans and boxers off i push her back. Im finally going to have her. She slides her panties off as quickly as she can. My lips are on her. her neck, her breasts, her stomach. Her moans resonating to the tip of my cock. I cant wait any longer! And i dont think she can either. I enter her, swift and hard. "HYUNWOO!!!!" She screams out.
I finally have her. She is finally MINE!
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damn.... that was good!
As soon as I read the first sentence I paused for a moment and thought about what my mother would say of she saw this 😂😂
well hot damn
Thanks guys!